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Appdexa offers reviews, ranking as well as listing services to business and service providers in IT and other similar domain. On Appdexa, companies are listed depending upon their sheer experience, skill, reputation and the feedbacks from the clients. Users may search for any company depending on the search criteria listed here. However, Appdexa, in no manner holds any relation with the businesses and the companies listed on the website.

Users must acknowledge and consent that Appdexa, or its shareholders, employees and directors will not hold any liability to you or any third party for buying products and services listed here in this forum. All the issues pertaining to the purchase of services and products are entitled to be resolved by respective service providers only.

Terms of agreement

By using the services of this website, you (users) consent to Appdexa legal terms and conditions. By getting into the agreement you agree to accept our privacy policy that includes but not limited to shipping terms and use of end-user license for third party services.

Appdexa also holds authority for monitoring your activity on its website. In case, we monitor violation of our agreement including the legal and provisional laws, we may suspend your right to access our website. In case we suspect your indulgence in any wrongdoing, Appdexa may take measures to disclose your information for presenting to third parties if needed for legal investigation. Appdexa reserves all rights to process user’s information if required in legal procedure.

Terms for subscription

Browsing through Appdexa website shall be voluntary but you may require to register with us to get your company listed on our forum or gaining the authority to use our resources as well as services. In order to subscribe for our services you need to share your personal details that include but not limited to your name, email address, contact number, personal business information and debit/credit card details.

Your personal business information will be collected solely for improving your experience on our website. However, Appdexa holds right to share your business information to collaborating parties as per our privacy policy. Kindly refer to our privacy policy to know more on how and why we share business information to collaborating/third parties.

You may access Appdexa website by registering on the forum or through your social media account. It is solely your responsibility to maintain and protect your registration credentials submitted to us. In case you come across any unauthorized access to your account, immediately report the matter to us.

In case we come to know that you have submitted misleading information on your account, we may suspend your access to our website. Appdexa also holds the authority to terminate your access of using our services any further unless you submit the proof for your innocence.

Pricing and payment

All prices, cost of subscription, promotional packages and as well as exclusive offers are subjected to be changed without any prior notice to the users. We hold sole responsibility for introducing new prices for the services and products we market. Continued use of our services shall be taken as your acceptance for the change in the price.


Apart from your business portfolio, the content on our website including but not limited to texts, graphics, presentation, logo, icon, scripts, application, listing and ratings of businesses are inherited by Appdexa. Any information on Appdexa website is fully protected and trademarked by the company only.

Users are authorized to get the access of company’s listing profiles and make contact to service providers for non-commercial use only. However, nothing permits you to get the rights to edit, sell or republish the content. You are not allowed to alter any information published on the website. Any violation of the terms and the conditions that Appdexa lists on the website shall be treated as the negligence of the policy that might terminate user’s right to access our services further.


This agreement shall be treated as a part of our entire policy, including but not limited to terms and conditions, privacy policy, end-user license and other legal agreement that may be presented to you for your acceptance of Appdexa services. In case of using third party service registered on our website, you may require to present additional information that may include but not limited to your name, email address business details, debit/credit card information.

Your rights in terms of your agreement with us remains non-transferable that means you cannot transfer the ownership of your agreement to anyone unless you have the permission in written from Appdexa. However, we reserve the authority to terminate the rights to third party as per our terms and condition policy.

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