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    Tabatoo by somoto, Israel , Haifa 31001 Israel

    972 73-230-0100

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    Tabatoo is a growing, premium mobile distribution network and SDK. With the help of Algo-Match, we have the ability to connect our Advertisers with most engaging, relevant users. Our technology and dedicated account managers combined allow us to target so well, that we know what traffic will convert for you, even before serving your ads.

    “Our communication was always good. Their sales team was very proactive. They made sure whatever they commit they deliver according to the committed deadlines. Their project coordinator was also in constant touch with me and made sure my requirements are communicated well"

    Focus Area

    Marketing Based

    Platform Based




    Top Company Reviews

    Medical Device App
    • Mobile 1 App Marketing
    • Mobile 2 $20,000 - 25,000
    • Application 1 2 Months
    • Branding: 4.0
    • Quality: 5.0
    • Schedule: 4.0
    • Cost: 4.0
    • Client Satisfaction: N/A


    Project Summary:

    We worked hard to launch their new product with new and innovative strategies so that customers get the full benefit of this new technology. We shared app video showing the method of using this product.

    Feedback Summary:

    This organisation implemented new and unique strategies to reach out to different companies. I would definitely recommend this organisation.

    By Director, Evans Carroll

    Application 2
    • Developer 3 Evans Carroll
    • Apps 4 Confidential
    • AppS Configuration India
    Restaurant Chain Branding
    • Mobile 1 App Marketing
    • Mobile 2 $30,000 - 35,000
    • Application 1 3 Months
    • Branding: 4.0
    • Quality: 4.0
    • Schedule: 4.0
    • Cost: 5.0
    • Client Satisfaction: N/A


    Project Summary:

    This restaurant needed a new brand name and wanted the people of other parts to know them. We ran different kind of burst campaigns to make this work.

    Feedback Summary:

    Great organisation to work with!

    By Owner, George Collin

    Application 2
    • Developer 3 George Collin
    • Apps 4 Confidential
    • AppS Configuration United States


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