What is Sponsorship?

Our sponsorship is an opportunity for companies to endorse their business on Appdexa.

Enhanced review page visibility

It means when you go to the review page, the default setting will ask to sponsor first. Sponsors will be marked with a sponsor icon. Visitors may change the sort order by using filter tool. The “Appdexa Ranking” for listing the companies is based on our methodology of intense search findings. In case, no companies sponsor a category, the default ordering is done by Appdexa rank.

No modification to Appdexa rank or leaders matrices

We have adopted a methodology that is consistent. All sponsors go through similar procedure as other agencies need to undergo on our site - a thorough evaluation of past work, market reputation and feedback from the clients. After a comprehensive evaluation companies are mapped under Leader Matrix, irrespective of their sponsorship level.

Why Sponsorship?

The sponsorship model has been designed to advertise your company with the people seeking similar services. Our sponsorship is the right choice for you if you are wishing to offer visibility to your business. Also if you see tangible benefits after being listed on Appdexa or has got more than five client reviews, our sponsorship has been made just for you!

Steps to become a sponsor

Acknowledge the service(s) you have gained expertise into

In order to manage accuracy, companies can only sponsor the review pages, which are relevant to the services similar to theirs.

Sponsorship comprises visibility of at least one or more of our primary or secondary pages that match to the services, area of expertise and your sponsorship. No additional cost involved.

Pricing procedure

Sponsors pay a monthly rent as per their level of sponsorship. Discounts are applicable based on the company size.

Final pricing depends on below mentioned factors:

The company size

Count of pages(primary) you sponsor

Category of sponsorship you hold

Choose your sponsorship category

We have four different categories:





Diamond is the foremost category followed by platinum gold and silver.

In case, multiple companies offer similar category, the highest category will be listed on the review page first. If a page has multiple sponsor in the same category, Appdexa holds the responsibility to determine the ordering.


Sponsors receive more visibility than the firms that do not hold any sponsorship. As the sponsorship tier increases, it gets priority over the others. Additional benefits are there for the companies holding sponsorship.
Sponsorship value increases gradually. The deciding factors are improvement in the research category and popularity of the service type. It may a few weeks to get reflected in the similar category.
Yes, it is possible to opt for multiple sponsorships for each primary page that you wish to sponsor.
There are no such discounts available with us for sponsoring a page or a category.
Having a few positive client reviews is one of the most important requirements to get the sponsorship. In case, you are interested in becoming a sponsor, kindly contact info@appdexa.com

Silver Sponsors

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