Zello Tops App Store Ranking Ahead of Hurricane Irma

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As Hurricane Irma has hit hard Florida shores, forcing 6.3 million citizens to evacuate the states, Zello app is one hope that is helping Floridians remain connected to the outside world. Being a walkie talkie app, Zello is helping people remain connected to each other and the outside world as well.

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Zello app is one among the categories of walkie talkie applications that has got huge responses lately ahead of the Hurricane Irma. Originally launched in Russia in 2007, as LoudTalks, the app has 100 million users across the globe. The app got popularity after volunteers started using it to offer a helping hand to the Hurricane affected people.

How Zello is Helping People During Hurricane Irma

Since Zello is helping people share their connection in emergency, the applications have received six million registration ahead of the Hurricane Irma. Zello app comes under the category of free applications available in the app store and due to Hurricane Irma effect, the app now tops the charts as being the most downloaded app.


In order to extend the helping hand to more and more people, the Zello team is working hard to offer services in the emergency situation. Users’ interest in Zello has mandated the company to add additional servers to keep the app updated at the time of emergency. There is no doubt about the fact that an app like Zello works exceptionally well at the time of emergency. Being a walkie talkie app, it becomes quite easy for users to establish the connection.

Founder’s View on Zello App

Expressing his views on the application, the CEO Alex Gavrilov has made it clear that the app is not a Hurricane rescue tool but only useful for the people who need services in emergency. It is extremely useful for people and reliable as well when used. The way Zello has helped people to connect and extend the scope of services in a Hurricane hit state has proved the worth of the application.


“We have seen a large number of people signing up for Zello in preparation for Hurricane Irma. Over 1 million people have joined in the last day, with most coming from Puerto Rico and Florida, “ Quoted Gavrilov. Zello’s success should not be measured by the current success it is getting due to Hurricane Irma.

The app has been made available for a large audience and platforms including Android, iOS, and Blackberry. It allows users to have an instant live conversation. Users can indulge in one-to-one chat, start a channel or join groups to communicate to thousands of people who are in current need of help. The app is available in more than 20 language, which extends the scope of popularity of the application. One limitation that comes with Zello app is that it does not work in the absence of wifi and cellular data service.


The Upshot

There is no doubt about the fact that Zello app is one of the best apps till date. The app has offered services at the time of emergency and this is something that sets Zello apart from other applications in the similar category. However, the app was not built as a fighting tool against Hurricane Irma but it helped a lot of users to connect to each other at the time of emergency.