Youtube Continues its Makeover With New Logo And Redesigned Mobile App

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Youtube Update

Started in 2005, YouTube has changed a lot since then. The prominent video-sharing website is much more than what it was in the initial years. Right from the logo to the designing, Youtube has changed partially to offer an extended website browsing experience to the users. YouTube has recently taken an update named “dark mode” out of the beta for providing a better video watching experience at night.

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Additionally, YouTube is all set to roll new logo and icon along with some major designing changes. This is one major update that YouTube has received till date. Prior to this, the changes were minor tweaks such as the icon color change.

YouTube Animation

Expressing its views on the recent changes, Google has said that the new changes are done to offer exceptional viewing experience to the users across the channels. The company further added, the logo and icon will arrive for the desktop users first prior to reaching to the app users. Meanwhile, YouTube has rolled out desktop redesign changes recently in May that are now the default setting.

Insights on New Changes

The new changes have been introduced to offer a tailored watching experience to music fans, Gamers and TV lovers. There will be supporting content on the YouTube for all videos under these sections. This will add more to the authentication of the videos. Talking about the new logo, YouTube has simply put the black text and iconic red button together once again. The logo is brighter and clearer if compared with the previous ones.

The new redesign will soon be made available for the Android and iOS users alike The header on the new app is white in color along with the new logo that users will see on the left side. The navigation tabs have also been replaced towards the bottom screen on the app.

Update in YouTube

The new changes have been done in order to introduce fast forwarding gestures. By double tapping, the right and the left side of the video, users can rewind or fast forward a video as per the desire. YouTube has also planned a new swiping feature that will be rolled out in a few months. Swipe left will help to watch a previous video while swipe right will takes you to a next one.

Different video format is another cool feature that YouTube will roll out in a few months. This feature will change the video orientation to the horizontal format. Square and vertical formats will also be introduced in a few month’s time that will offer similar video viewing experience to the users.

Youtube Continues its Makeover With New Logo And Redesigned Mobile App Click To Tweet

The Upshot

The new and innovative changes that YouTube is rolling out for its logo, app and website are very much attractive as always. With these changes, the already popular video-sharing website is becoming much more enticing for the users. As the goal behind these changes is to take YouTube viewership to a whole new level, these changes are sure to help the giant add more number to the viewers’ current count.