Xcode 9: Everything Apple Has Offered to The Developers

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xcode 9 release

Apple with its new indexing engine in Xcode 9 is aiming at lightning speed and the results are every code developer’s rainbow dream. Xcode 9 is compatible with Swift 3 and Swift 4 and the updates prove that Xcode 9 might just be the best software development tool available at developer’s disposal. Gone are the days of ineffective UI changes and problems hidden in a background thread.

Following are the Elements that Make Xcode the Best of All Development Tools:

Improvised Source Editor

Xcode 9 comes with breathtaking source compatibility that lets you make changes directly in the code. It even allows you to rename symbols across Swift 3, Objective C and user interface files. The new “Fix-its” empowers editing or structuring codes with a lightning speed and gives you the chance to make coding robust. The new command-click gesture enables you to make changes with the visualization of your code including line spacing and several font styles. It makes navigating README. easier as they can even be understood by the Jump Bar. Formatting markdown files and its headings, bold and italic texts and additional links are further made more efficient in Xcode 9.

New Main Thread Checker

The new default Main Thread Checker is the solution to any glitch related to UI and AppKit. The performance impact is estimated to be as low as 1-2% CPU overhead and the checker will also exempt the UIKit methods, sourced from background links such as in the case of creating UI images. Creating images from third-party libraries can haunt your console with security warnings if you need to disable the checker simply access your project’s scheme editor, navigate the Diagnostics Tab and unmark the Main Thread Checker.

xcode 9 release notes

Undefined Behavior Sanitizer

The all-new Main thread Checker, incompatible with Swift detects any undefined behavior for C languages and give a little warning in purple. It uses Clang to detect errors like integer overflows, out of bound array access and other checks in your code during the compilation process. It accordingly inserts code as per the undefined nature of the infected code. To enable clang, browse through the scheme editor and access your Diagnostics Tab. You can even link your app with following flag to enable clang:

xcode 9 new build system

The code sanitizers are accompanied by several other features in XCode 9 including inbuilt refactoring for editing purposes, super fast navigation, wireless debugging for iOS and tvOS, new debuggers for Metal, new source control with integrated support for GitHub accounts and other interesting features have been reinforced in XCode 9 for enhanced efficiency and speedy execution.