Xcode 9 Beta: Important Improvements for All iOS App Developers

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Xcode Update

The launch of an Xcode 9 SDK at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has paved the way for efficient and faster app development process. Xcode 9 is an effective integrated development environment to develop iOS apps, MacOS apps, tvOS apps and WatchOS apps. However, in this latest upgrade, it has launched a new source editor, build system and Swift 4 language compatibility. This Xcode 9 beta version is available to all iOS app developers of every iOS app development company.

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This latest version of Xcode offers a wide range of improvements that includes debugging, refactoring, new playground templates and fast research to name a few. Expert team of developers of renowned app development companies can test their iOS apps on an active Wi-Fi network before making them public. This feature has eradicated the process of connecting the iOS device to a system with the help of a USB cable and thus, app testing has become a hassle-free task. All budding developers need to have complete information about the features so that proper development can be done.


iOS App Developers Should Have a Look at Xcode 9 Beta Features in Detail

The New Source Code Editor

With the help of structure-based as well as fast source code edition, iOS app developers have an option of highlighting and navigating source code in a streamlined manner.


App Testing in Real Time

iOS app developers can test their apps on more than one device of Apple simultaneously. In other words,  developers have the chance of testing an app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch at the same time.

testing for mobile application

Better Debugging

This improved version of debugging enables iOS app developers to debug iOS as well as tvOS devices through wireless medium. Apart from this, an undefined behavior sanitizer paves the way for app development companies to determine unexpected behaviors. In addition to this, developers can find sources of program crashes as well as incompatibilities.

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Swift 4

The Swift 4 compatibility reduces code size and help iOS developers in creating generic codes in an easy way. This is one of the features which is being liked by every app development company.



The new version comprises of all new refactoring systems which help iOS app developers to make modifications across their apps. The best thing about Xcode is that it has managed to develop a deep integration with GitHub. With this support, developers can access open source code repositories from the IDE. There is no exaggeration in saying that this feature enhances the editing experience and simply works across several file types like Swift, Interface Builder and Objective C etc.

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New Build System

It is a highly reliable system that enhances build performance and also trap configuration problems. At the moment, it comes under the optional feature. However, it will become default in the coming days.


Search Faster

iOS app developers can search in a much more faster way. In simple words, the find navigators can provide search results quickly.


Built-in Excode Server

With this feature, developer don’t have to install the macOS server. This is because with Xcode 9, continuous integration bots can run on any mac.

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Xcode 9 beta includes several advancements as well as functionalities, allowing iOS app developers to create high-performing apps. However, a complete understanding of all the aforesaid features is required. This because only then developers will be able to develop innovative apps with advance features.