Why There is So Much Buzz About Pokken Tournament DX

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Pokken Tournament DX features

For all the game development companies, it is extremely important to engage the users in the games developed by them. Engagement is the prime source of driving the traffic and thereafter making your game-centric application popular among the users. First, there was Pokemon go and now there is Pokken Tournament DX that is driving users’ attention.

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The best mobile app developers have done an incredible job to make the users fall in love with Pokken. Be it the graphics or the interface, the gameplay feels smooth for the users. Unlike Pokemon Go, Pokken is a fighting game at its core. The game is very much popular among the users who love playing fighting games. There are a plethora of features that make Pokken game exciting for the users. Here is a list of the built-in game features that Pokken offers to the users.

1 Built-in Character Customization Feature  

Nia is the built-in character whose output can be customized as per the user’s’ choice. The game development companies have done a great job to make available a set of outfits to customize her appearance. As per the required desire and the color choice, users can dress Nia with their personal favorite color. Right from the bright blue to soothing green, there are a number of choices to choose from.

The feature is something that engages the users the most and triggers them to personalize the character’s outfit as per their choice. As the game gets exciting, the outfit color choices can be modified along the journey. This hint of personalization takes the user’s’ experience to a whole new level.

2 Customization in Character’s Appearance

App developers have put in their best efforts to provide customization in this regards. Although, it is a fighting game and some users might think the customization as a not-so-good-enough feature, but it is really exciting for those who are a true game lover. Watching your character with the elements of your personal choices really makes it exciting to carry forward the game.

The plethora of possibilities offered for the customization is there to surprise the users every time they choose a new customizing feature. To see your personal favorite fighter in some of the really cool customizations makes the game worth playing. It keeps the joy alive while playing the game.

3 Self-Promotion and a Great Number of Titles to Choose From

When it comes to promoting your character with famous titles, no other fighting game would offer you options as much as Pokken offers. And all thanks to the best mobile app developers behind the game! From a sort of options presented just for the users, they can choose whichever they feel like. The self-promotion titles have been categorized into two different categories from where the users can choose the same.

There is a separate playlist option for the users too in order to choose their preferences depending upon the type of game they wish to take further. The options are really amazing and make the entire game really exciting.

4 The Free Space Area Sometimes Gets Restricted For Your Character

There are two different phases in the game, called the “field phase” i.e. “running around freely” phase and “Duel Phase” i.e. “classic left and right only” phase. The users can shift the battle from a phase to another by executing different moves successfully. The field phase gives power to the character to move freely in the space.

Game development companies really promote mobility in games, which is the key here for the character that makes them move freely in their desired space when they are in the field phase. Fighting games get more exciting when your character has the power to move freely in the space.

In the conclusion

Fighting games irrespective of the fact that whichever game development company has produced it, always gets exceptional response from the users. The Pokken game having all the above-illustrated features is one fine example of the fighting game that has grabbed all the attention from the users. The set of the exciting features that have been described here makes the game much more exciting for the users to play.