An Ultimate Guide that Reveals The Best 360 Camera Apps

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360 Camera Apps

Exceptional phone cameras by mobile app development companies have certainly changed our lives for good. These newest cameras for panoramic images have changed the way we have experienced photography a few years back. Now there is improved technology, impressive filters, exceptional light and exposure techniques to make a photograph more than a moment.

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With VR’s involvement in Photography, users have the opportunity to get a virtual treat of any place on the earth. With smart technology at our disposal, every one of us is able to take the virtual 360-degree tour to a place sitting thousands of miles away from the actual location. Later in the write-up, we are going to talk more about such applications developed by mobile app developers that make photogralphy a breeze for the users.

The Best 360 Camera Apps

With all the hype around the latest Virtual Reality apps, the world of 360 camera apps is expanding every day. A number of mobile app development companies have tried their hands in the exploding 360 mobile app camera technology to delight the users. Here is a note on the best apps available under the category.

Panorama 360

The app allows users to capture three-sixty panoramas and videos in three different modes, including normal, manual and real-time. All the users need to do to initiate the camera is a single tap in order to start the shooting. Just move your phone around and you are done with capturing the video. The app automatically creates the panorama of the shoot. The app is a popular one having a whopping 5 million downloads from Android app users.

Panorama 360 AppApp Components:

  • Dropbox sync
  • HD capture
  • Watermarks remove
  • Facebook sharing

Business Model: In-app advertising + In-app purchases


This Android app has been built to give a three-dimensional VR image on users’ smartphone or through a VR enabled headset with phone inserted. For a proper view through Roundme app, the basic requirement lies in having an accelerometer and gyroscope in users’ smartphone. The motion-sensitive panorama viewer brings the best scenery for users disposal from across the globe. Users can share their content through Roundme web service.

Roundme app

App Components:

  • One month pro account subscription
  • Annual pro account subscription
  • Unlocked upload limits
  • Safe & secure storage

Business Model: Free Apps + Subscription

Player 360, SDK for iOS

Player 360 is a mobile app for impressive image and video experiences. The app is available to download for free at App Store. There are 4 different display modes namely, spherical, flat, side-by-side, and little planet within the application to support high-resolution pictures. Users can control app functionalities like play, pause, zoom, etc. with a simple touch of phone motion.

App Components:

  • Supports different video format
  • Supports network protocols

Photaf Panorama Pro

Photaf Panorama Pro is one among highly accessible 360 camera apps having simple user interface and impressive photographic possibilities. Users have the opportunity to capture 360 images to set them later as their wallpapers. Photaf Panorama Pro has been developed to make 360 VR tour easy for the users. Because of the same capability, the app is utilized mostly by real estate agents to show the 360 VR tours of homes to the clients.

Photaf Panorama Pro App

App Components:

  • Super HD mode
  • Portrait
  • Adjust exposure
  • Ad-free experience

Business Model:  Paid app / In-app advertising + In-app purchases


Cycloramic has been awarded the best iOS app by TechCrunch a few years back. The app has got exceptional elements that take it to the top category of 360 camera apps. The best among these elements is high-definition resolution for images up to 42 megapixels. In addition, there is hands-free mode for clicking 360-degree images.

Cycloramic app

App Components:

  • Works on Apple Watch
  • Supports iPhone 5/5s/6 and iPad
  • Full access to app features after purchase

Business Model:  Paid app ($2)


Formerly known as Photonomie, FOV works in real-time for iPhones to let users click their best moments from this 360 camera. The app not only helps users to develop panoramic images but also allow them to move their phones horizontally in all the direction. The best news about FOV is users can instantly share their content through messengers like Facebook and Whatsapp.

Fov app

App Components:

  • Free from ads
  • Instant content sharing through messenger

Business Model: Free app


Sphere 360 camera offers a virtual tour of the places across the globe to offer a panoramic view. The app has been developed to offer a spherical view of travel destination through a click only. Sphere has been awarded the best app in tech category by the giants like Mashable, Wired and Travel Weekly as well.

Sphere 360 Degree App

App Components:

  • Free to use
  • In-app news feed to follow favorite photographers

Business Model: Free app


A reliable 360 camera app to create 3D images, panorama building along with exceptional UI. There are extra options of photo alignment and color addition to add more to the beauty of a photograph. The beauty of this app is taking 360-degree panorama images with the perfect combination of different colors.

Pano App

App Components:

  • Paid app
  • Versions of iPhones and iPad are available

Business Model: Paid app ($0.7)


Another Panorama titled app but simple of all. The panorama of this application suits perfectly to the architects of buildings. With this app, the horizontal images are not wrapped to form the panorama, instead the app uses an algorithm to form 360-degree images that appear flat and less spherical. And, the best thing about the app – it automatically adds geographical location to pictures.

Panorama mobile app

App Components:

  • Premium version with additional functionalities for Mac
  • Horizontal or vertical panorama view selection

Business Model: Free app/ Paid app


Fyuse let the users take 3D images. The app has got fun features and also offers a bouquet of benefits to social media enthusiasts. With this 360-degree camera, users can take pictures to share them publically through messenger services. There are fun stuff like sticker and 3D text overlay to include in the photographs.

Fyuse app App Components:

  • Easy sharing
  • App is available in multiple languages

Business Model: Free app

The Conclusion

The list of 360-degree mobile apps goes beyond the ones that have been mentioned here. However, the above-listed apps are the best one in the 360-degree mobile camera apps category. Users, as well as, mobile app development companies are making the best utilization of these applications in order to add a perfect hint of panorama in their kodak moment memories.