Travel Apps At Your Fingertips: The Roundup of The Best Ones

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Travel Application

The world can be your oyster if travel apps are there at your fingertips. There are a number of such apps that can help you make your travel booking easy. This way planning your trip becomes a breeze. The Appdexa team has researched on the most trending travel apps to present you the round up of the best ones. Here comes the list.

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The Best Apps For Your Travel Needs


Airbnb is the household name for travelers across the globe. The app caters to the accommodation requirements of the travelers at a much cheaper price than your hotel would ask you for. Airbnb promises you an authentic experience by arranging your stay at a local’s home. Airbnb has recently got an innovative feature called “Trips”. It helps the travelers choose the experience they would like to enjoy during their stay. Travelers can take part in any of the events with their local guides across the city. Eventually, Airbnb has become an all-in-one app to answer the travel requirements of the travelers.



Uber is ruling the ride-sharing app category globally. The app has a vast expansion in about 77 countries and 527 cities. Uber caters to your on-demand services and can really be handy when you are abroad! You can either choose to book your space on a sharing ride or directly request your personal cab after searching through a number of vehicle and fare quotes. After the booking, you can connect to your personal driver, track the vehicle’s location and choose to pay the money through cash, card or even through credit card.

Uber Application

#Google Maps

There is probably no app as good as Google Maps for answering your navigational queries. You must have used the app in-person and know how much reliable it is. Google app shows you the easy ways to avoid traffic to reach your destination. It is thus a preferable option for your transport related queries in a foreign country where you are not very much aware of the roads. The app can also be used to find information about the opening and closing hours of restaurants and museums. You can check the real-time traffic situation through Google Map.

Google Maps


TripAdvisor rules the industry when it comes to getting a review for any of the travel destinations. The readers can pursue millions of reviews, views, opinions, and everything related to a travel destination. TripAdvisor also posts reviews about bars, restaurants, hotels, airlines and more. It’s new Near Me function helps to find places that have already been reviewed by the users.


The Upshot

The travel app industry is growing at a phenomenal rate in order to offer an exceptional experience to the travelers. The apps that have been mentioned above have made it really easy for travelers to travel the destinations across the globe.