A Thoughtful Guide to Mobile-Based App Solutions for Better First and Last Mile Reach

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We all dream about the big city life, big skyscrapers, cars and also jazz. However, in reality, there is nothing but a gloomy city submerged in a cloud of smoke and dust. Today, we are always in a hurry. We step out of our homes with the hope not to catch the traffic. The challenges we go through is strenuous travel and traffic. In addition, you must have faced a situation when you freaked out because of not finding the transport to reach the destination. The list of problems is not yet over. The rise in car ownership means that car parking in major cities is a huge problem. Hence, there is a need of smart parking revolution. Mobile app development companies have already taken the initiative to offer great mobile app solutions.

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There is no denying that there is an average of three lakh commuters daily. Officials are expecting a ridership of around 5 lakh passenger on daily basis. However, according to official data, the current ridership is around 3 lakh riders per day. This has highlighted the dormant fear of last mile connectivity. Apart from this, to improve access to the desired places is also one of the biggest problems. At the end of the seven-month long brainstorming exercise to increase ridership and make cities free of traffic jams, Four startups won a Rs 40 lakh to carry out pilot projects of their respective solutions, which are mobile-based apps. All the four solutions focus on optimizing parking spaces, carpooling, on-demand public transportation, and rental bike.

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Let’s have a Look at all the Mobile-Based App Solutions in Detail:

Quick Ride

There is no denial to the fact that growing population lead to more vehicles on road, which increases traffic congestion and pollution. If a report is to be believed, traditional carpooling was not successful due to several issues such as pollution and traffic congestion. Quick Ride addressed the challenges for a great user experience. It helps in identifying matches, connecting instantly and in sharing cost in a cashless way. Just install Quick Ride app to car pool, bike pool as well as ride share.

Quick ride app solution


This is a smart parking mobile app that offers real-time information about parking lots available in different parts of the city. You can choose a verified parking spot that works best for you and your location. You can even schedule your visit to your selected parking lots. After confirming the location, you are ready to park your vehicle. So, get safe parking at anytime.

Constapark mobile app


This is an on-demand public transportation service. It enables all the commuters to pre-book auto-rickshaws or cabs from the starting point to your final destination. So, if you need instant access to reliable and a great service to book a cab, consider TapRoute.

TapToute service


This solution offers 2-wheeler rental service. Its wide range of electric scooters will be available on rent for its subscribers. As a subscriber, you can park the vehicle at designated points such as tech parks, grocery shops, and other places.

Rental Bikes service

Thoughtful Guide to Mobile-Based App Solutions Click To Tweet


All these four solutions with unique services to solve the problem of first and last mile reach are being widely preferred by a large number of people. On the other hand, if you are also planning to offer a mobile app that can solve parking problem or can make transportation booking easy, contact a leading mobile app development company. You can tell your requirements to the expert team of app developers and they will develop an app that can satisfy your business requirements.

  • manu

    yes! nowadays traffic is main problem to reach destination on time. carpooling apps are really useful for present situation.

  • sumit

    Yes, though car pooling is a good option but having a two wheeler or renting one is better option to beat the traffic.

  • Rostr is an innovative scheduled shared ride service which helps user to schedule a ride in advance and share with friends. With Rostr, you can book scheduled shared rides as low as ₹8/km and get 25% cashback, if someone joins your route.