Google & Twitter Allow Racist Ad Targeting to Advertisers

As per a report from Buzzfeed, Google allows Advertisers to create ads targeting racists people. Google is not only allowing but also suggesting advertisers to use keywords like “white people ruin” and “the evil jew”. A report from Buzzfeed has quoted the incidence as: Type “White people ruin,” as a potential advertising keyword into Google’s […]

Apple’s Project Mirrorshades: What We Know So Far

Apple knows no boundaries when it comes to groundbreaking research on the latest technology. This time, the giant multinational is secretly working on project “Mirrorshades”. Following its legacy of working secretively on projects, this time the project Mirrorshades is Apple’s initiative to dig deep into Augmented Reality. Speculations highly suggest that Apple may integrate AR […]

All You Need to Know About Uber’s New CEO

Dara Khosrowshahi is the new man behind Uber, elected as the new CEO. He has been  elected at a time when the company is continually going in losses and Dara’s election has provided a ray of hope to Uber to get back its status. To succeed, he needs to kill two birds with a single […]

The Reason Why Google Removed 300 Apps From App Store

Google has recently removed 300 apps from Google Play Store owing to the fact that apps were secretly hacking devices to supply the traffic for DDoS attack, as stated by Gizmodo. The apps under ringtones and storage managers category were removed by Google. These Android apps have been found containing malware issues that were hampering […]

T-Mobile to Take Advantage of its Improved Coverage

With its vision to become nation’s fastest growing carrier, T-mobile has recently announced its acquisition of 600MHZ LTE network in Cheyenne as a part of its nationwide system expansion campaign. It’s an attempt of the company to grow much bigger in approach than its counterparts like Sprint, Apple Inc. Vodafone and more. T-mobile is taking […]