T-Mobile to Take Advantage of its Improved Coverage

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With its vision to become nation’s fastest growing carrier, T-mobile has recently announced its acquisition of 600MHZ LTE network in Cheyenne as a part of its nationwide system expansion campaign. It’s an attempt of the company to grow much bigger in approach than its counterparts like Sprint, Apple Inc. Vodafone and more. T-mobile is taking a really aggressive measure to expand its network and grow as wide as it can.

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Although T-mobile has expanded its coverage but only to a few US states. While the users in the other states do not have a very good time using similar network. The states that T-mobile has included in its recent network expansion plan include West Texas, Central Virginia, Eastern Washington and more.

The Inside Story

T-mobile has already spent a whopping $8 billion on the 600MHz spectrum in the auction earlier this year. The part of the similar plan includes rolling out services in parts of Wyoming too. The company is planning some really big moves to offer an exceptional cell phone using experience to the users. T-mobile’s aggressive efforts have also it into the plan to take the 4G LTE coverage to at least 321 Americans that was 315 in number as per the prior reports.

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The good news for T-mobile is, there are no such major issues that could hamper its plan on a big scale. Low-spectrum 600MHz is a favorite to Tv broadcasters owing to its ability to widespread coverage to a huge area without weakening, making it much easier to deploy the plan for T-mobile. The LTE 600MHz coverage is supposed to take the signals deeper into the building, offering a pleasing experience to the users.

Other Obstacles

Although T-mobile looks quite ambitious in its attempts to expand the coverage, the customers can only get the actual benefit after a few months. More to the issue, Qualcomm, the US based wireless telecommunication company has admitted that its plan of supporting 600MHz spectrum with Snapdragon X16 & X20 LTE modem is not sailing smoothly that is a major issue in the proper expansion of T-mobile coverage plan.

Even though a host of issues are surfacing in the actual execution of its nationwide coverage program, T-mobile expressed confidence in meeting the deadlines well before the time. Whatever be the results, T-mobile’s network expansion effort seems to be worthy to the users.

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Parting Thoughts

It is not for the very first time that T-mobile has planned something this big. It has kept amusing the users with the roll of out some really big network expansion plans earlier too. But the current 600MHz expansion is probably the biggest of all. As soon as the current plan will be executed successfully, T-mobile will plan on the execution of 5G network by 2019.