Symfony Vs Laravel: Which PHP Platform to Opt For

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It is an ever competitive world of mobile applications and the choice of mobile app development frameworks is still not easy. The reason being, there are hundred and thousands of PHP mobile app development frameworks. PHP Frameworks are preferred by Mobile App Developers because they help to create quality apps in the least time possible.

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Among the list of outstanding PHP frameworks that are available, Symfony and Laravel are the most used ones. Both of these frameworks have got an amazing set of features and with the same reason, it is a bit difficult to choose a single one. Well, we are going to showcase some point of differences among these frameworks that will help you to choose the one that suits perfectly to your needs.

Let’s First Look on the Points of Similarities of these PHP Frameworks

Symfony and Laravel have a number of features in common. Let’s have a look at the similarities between these platforms.

Framework Similarities

Now that we have glanced on the points of similarities now have a look at both of these platforms separately


This PHP powered framework is meant for developing MVC specifically. Being an open-source framework, it allows developers to bring in coding elements easily. This framework’s open nature has made it one favorite to the developers.

The Key Advantages of Choosing Laravel as PHP Framework:

  • Laravel offers an effortless version control system meant for simplified database management of migrants.
  • Auto-loading facility with Laravel ensures no manual effort is required. Additionally, developers can generate new tools within the framework with the help of an IoC container.
  • Laravel has ready to use authentication system that is inbuilt in the framework. Thus, with Laravel the authentication becomes much easier. All it requires is to configure controllers, view, database migration, and the models to make the system work.



The Key Advantages of Choosing Symfony as PHP Framework:

  • Symfony offers a number of scalability options. The framework promises higher scalability along with the facility to minimize the queries.
  • The speed of Symfony as a framework depends on the choice of features you have chosen for any specific application. Symfony is one of the fastest PHP frameworks available to the developers.
  • With this framework, the developers can utilize reusable components in order to reduce the overall development cost.


Symfony Vs Laravel: Which PHP Platform to Opt For Click To Tweet

The Bottom Line

Both Laravel and Symfony are an excellent platform that helps developers in reducing the overall mobile app development efforts, the time as well as the investment required. Both these platforms are exceptional in their own ways. However, it is not only about the functionalities but also about making the utilization of the utilities in order to make the most out of it. As both the platforms serve different purposes with their functionalities, it is a bit difficult to predict the success of any one of them over another.