Snapchat Asking The Users To Register Themselves For Voting

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Register for Vote

Snapchat is using its platform to encourage the users to vote by asking them for registering themselves to vote on the occasion of National Voter Registration Day. The company took the initiative to spread awareness about US vote and inform the users to register. The app asks the users to visit the Snapchat’s TurboVote page where they have to fill in their details for the registration.

Snapchat is among the leading social media platform having 100 million users from North America, besides more than 80% of those are eligible for voting. The users are receiving a push notification that prompts them to visit the TurboVote page. Along with this, the company is also using its Team Snapchat Snap to send users message for registering themselves for voting along with the link of the registration page. The Team Snapchat Snap is a special campaign that the company uses on the occasions of holidays like Christmas.

To convert it into a trend, Snapchat also provides special filters that can be shared with our family and friends over the platform. Instagram, the company’s all-time rival has also started the same campaign via ads that guide the users to the same TurboVote page for registration. Instagram also offers the unique filters to the users that can be used on the voting day.

Spreading awareness about the vote or any social duty via a social media platform is nothing new. Facebook also uses special image filters and asks the users to share with friends for encouraging the cause.