Samsung to Resume iPhone Chip Production in 2018

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Samsung, which is one of the biggest brands feel that competing against Apple’s iPhone is a very painful task. There is no denying that Samsung wants smartphones of Apple to succeed. Hence, there is nothing wrong in saying that the more iPhones that sell, the better it is for Samsung’s bottom line. Samsung is secretly rooting for iPhone 8 is the most important news of the day.

Previously Sidetracked- We Now see Samsung Would Again Continue Working with Apple  

As per a report, Samsung lost the chips contract to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) after the manufacturing of iPhone 6s. The company was hired for 2016 and 2017 iPhones. But, as per a new report, Samsung is on its way to manufacture A-series chips for the iPad as well as iPhone again. Samsung will manufacture 7nm A12-branded chips for Apple’s 2018 iPhone. On the other hand, TSMC will also be manufacturing the 7nm chips and the split isn’t decided yet.

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As per the report, one of the Samsung executives that inspect the chips and other parts played a pivotal role in convincing Apple to sign a new deal with the company, Samsung. There is nothing wrong in saying that Samsung’s eagerness together with the efforts of Samsung Executive managed to attain success in signing the deal with Apple.


Samsung Trying Hard to Enhance Apple’s Bottom Line

In order to ensure the success of iPhone, Samsung has purchased Violet Lithography Machines. This is known as the most advanced chip manufacturing equipment. The chips will be much faster and energy efficient in comparison to 10nm chips that are already powering this year’s flagship handsets, including iPhone 8. There is no denying that at the moment, the brand, Samsung is the only OLED display supplier for the Apple’s iPhone 8. This version is expected to be the first phone by Apple to feature OLED screen technology. This certainly helps in restoring the trust in Samsung once again.

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Apart from all this, Samsung is even paying attention to upgrade its own products. The Bixby Voice app has hit the Galaxy S8 devices. The company is even struggling to allow Bixby simply interact with the third-party apps.


Whether Samsung’s secretly rooting for iPhone 8 is either a copying or fine tuning of its own tech in order to keep up with the latest technology, it inevitably is for the best. Stay updated for more information.