Roundup of The Best Augmented Reality Applications

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Earlier it was Pokemon Go and now Apple’s latest iPhone series launch, one thing that connects these two distinctive affairs in a single thread is, “Augmented Reality” or AR. The technology has long sounded like a futuristic concept in the past but is currently rolling out as one of the best techniques for a number of mobile app developers. As a technique “Augmented Reality” or AR, paves a way for the users to impose computer-generated AR-VR rooted image atop the screen.

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Mobile app developers are continually exploring the elements of Augmented Reality in order to offer a whole new app browsing experience to the users. There are a number of applications that have already integrated the elements of Augmented Reality. Here are the top picks for the best AR integrated mobile apps.

The Best Augmented Reality Applications

The latest fad in mobile app making is including Augmented Reality in the applications. Here is a list of the best applications with having the element of Augmented Reality:

Pokemon Go

The list of best AR apps cannot be summarized without mentioning Pokemon Go. The Niantic app took the world by storm reason being an awesome integration of Augmented Reality in the application. The app attracted millions of users challenging them to own Pokemons while playing the games. The game used GPS to mark user’s location. The phone camera is then used to find out Pokemons in the real world.

AR in Pokemon Go


Ingress marked Google’s entry into Augmented Reality domain. It was one of the finest apps that used Augmented Reality exceptionally well. This is a game app (MMO) that offers two different category to users to be enlightened or be resistance. The users need to fight in order to control their virtual territories in a giant game, the king of the hill.

AR in Ingress

Zombies Go

Another AR embedded game to grab user’s attention span. The app lets users fight against zombies while walking around, or waiting for a bus in a virtual world or even while shopping. The name sounds similar to Pokemon go and so are the features. Both games have some core functionality in common. The game revolves around finding the zombies and then dealing with them to survive.

AR in Zombies Go

Ghost Snap

Ghost Snap is the feed to all those players who like to play horror games. Inspired by movies like the Blair Witch project, the app gives different tasks to the users and directs them to hunt for annoying sounds. The users must snap with the ghosts in order to mark success in the game. The bad news for users is there is particular way to win this game. However, the users can play it survive as long as they can.

VR in Ghost Snap

Key Takeaway

Augmented Reality is here to stay for longer in mobile app development domain. The technique has ideally been utilized by a number of app development companies in order to offer an exceptional user experience. As a technology Augmented Reality is going to get bigger and better every single day paving a way for users to gain redefined gaming experience.