Revealing the Best Android Oreo Features

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Oreo Features

Android Oreo is all set to be rolled out of Beta version, which is quite a delight for all the Android app development companies. Android has kept a series of features in Oreo to offer exceptional experience to the users. Right from the beginning there were speculations about the roll out of this latest Android version. Now that it has been  launched in Beta, a number of functionalities have been added to this new version.

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Among the list of these functionalities, a few are just exceptional for the users. We have summed up the best ones to help users know about the functionalities they will experience while interacting with latest Android technology i.e. Android O. The features include better notification handling and freeing up the storage space too. Here is more on the changes that users will see with Android Oreo.

Picture in Picture

Android Oreo has a new picture-in-picture feature. It allows users to multitask on their Android devices, whether they are watching a video, getting direction onto the map or continuing a video call, users can multitask simultaneously. In order to activate the functionality, users just need to tap the home button to experience the new feature on Oreo OS.

Picture in Picture

Improvement in Wifi

Android Oreo will help users to connect automatically to a wifi when the device detects a home connection. Developers have embedded the latest Android technology to help the users save the battery and the mobile data as well. This improvement in wifi is sure to add more to a device’s battery life in the long run, which is another exceptional offering for the users with the Android Oreo.


The notification for the messages as well as for the call alerts will be showcased over an app icon with a dot. For some users, it is quite convenient to see the notification while for others it is an ongoing interruption. For the users in the latter category, they can turn off the notification with the following setting:

Long press home screen—>Tap on settings—>Slide the switch Next to all Notification Dots—>off the notification.

App Notification

Password Autofill

It is absolutely frustrating to forget your password. With Android O, Google will offer login forms to the users where they can fill up their login details and the password. The form will be stored in user’s Google account or in third-party password app. For users, it is absolutely easy to use. Additionally, this latest Android technology eliminates the risk of forgetting the password.

Password Autofill

Improved Storage Management

Android Oreo solves the problem for all those users who always run low on storage. With this new operating system, users can free up space by following the below-mentioned setting.

Open setting > Storage > Free up space

This will give an option to the users to free up space in their devices by deleting app content or by uninstalling the apps that are no more in use.

Storage System

Closing Remarks

Android’s aim to surpass its previous versions helps it offer something new each time this mobile operating system launches a new Android version. The case is similar with Android Oreo. This latest Android version has got exceptional features and outstanding functionalities to delight users as well as Android app development companies too.