The Reason Why Google Removed 300 Apps From App Store

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DDos attack

Google has recently removed 300 apps from Google Play Store owing to the fact that apps were secretly hacking devices to supply the traffic for DDoS attack, as stated by Gizmodo. The apps under ringtones and storage managers category were removed by Google. These Android apps have been found containing malware issues that were hampering the overall app ecosystem.

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The botnet, known popularly as WireX, drew the attention of security researchers at content delivery network Akamai when one of its clients was to be the victim of the similar threat. Akamai’s client was flooded with traffic from hundreds and thousands of IP addresses.

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The Android apps that were removed found to have serious malware issues hidden underneath. Due to these malware issues the Android devices were secretly participating to contribute to DDoS attack as long as the device remained powered on. Although the number of devices that became the victim of similar issue is not yet clear. However, Akamai researchers have claimed that the number could be anything around 70,000.

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After noticing the attack, Akamai has brought in researchers from well-known companies including Google, Cloudflare, Oracle Dyn, Flashpoint, RiskIQ, and team Cymru. The team believes that the infected devices have been spread in 100 different countries.

The Reason Why Google Removed 300 Apps From App Store Click To Tweet

This is one of the latest examples of Android apps containing malware to affect the overall ecology of the app ecosystem. The fact that such malware containing apps have already made their way to Google Play Store is a serious threat to Android app development companies. With all these apps making their way to users’ smartphone, it is now high time for Android app developers to act seriously against such issues.

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As security vulnerabilities are continually evolving, Android app development companies must offer the ways that could protect users’ Android devices. Users, on the other hand, should keep a close eye on the kind of information that apps are asking when they are downloaded from Google Play Store. If your phone has sensitive data, try to download the apps that are secured enough and do not pose any threat to users’ private information.