The Next Big Move in Digital Transformation: The Era of IoT & Bots

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Bots & IoT

“Internet of Things” and “Bots” – the two latest buzzwords in the IoT app development company domain. The developers who are well aware of these techniques find them really impressive for the growth of the related industry. IoT or Internet of Things is there helping us to be in a world that is ever connected. IoT also makes it possible for objects to get the data transmission capabilities.

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Talking about the “Bots”, they are the next big thing in the Machine Learning and the Artificial Intelligence domain. The exceptional use bots in Facebook has given a new target to developers to explore its capabilities to the next level. However, one thing that aids the growth of both of these techniques is, of course, the mobile apps. Mobile apps act as the interface for IoT implementation and bots play an exceptional role in instant messaging app development.

IoT in Top Mobile App Development Company

IoT communication protocol makes this technique an exceptional one to utilize in mobile app development domain. The technique helps make a connection to the nearby object or to an internet gateway. IoT Mobile App Development has 5 Distinctive Section as:

  • Device
  • Application
  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Gateway

And, thus the development of your IoT mobile application on the base of these distinctive elements ensures the development of the best app.

How will Bots Enlarge the Future of Mobile Apps?

There is no doubt about the fact that chatbots are the next big thing for top mobile app development company. The bots hold so much potential that they are capable of replacing mobile phones in the future. Here are some more reasons on why bots can change the future of mobile apps:

  • Bots are easy to install. All that users need to do is to search for the specific bot within the messaging app and start the chat. There is no requirement to specifically download the application.
  • Bots are easy to distribute too. This means you can easily share the favorite bot from the messaging app itself.
  • Bots have a lower cost than mobile apps. The development and maintenance cost of mobile apps is quite higher than the bots.
  • Bots are portable and extremely easy to use. They can also be installed as a messaging app, which is again a benefit associated with bots.

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The Chatbot Existence in Mobile App Domain

Chatbots run in a closed domain and that is why they work by matching specific keywords. The best thing about these chatbots is, they can be developed as messaging app for any given sector, be it education or health sector. Many world renowned companies have already started using bots for their specific services. Microsoft offers one fine example to the same with “Bot Builder” that is a chatbot for Node.js.

Chatbot app development

In The Conclusion

IoT and Bots hold very much potential to take the development procedure of IoT app development companies to a whole new level. As both these technologies are in their nascent stage, there is a long way for developers to go on for determining the actual worth of these techniques.