The All New Apple iPhone 8: Get The Major Insights Here

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iphone 8

Apple is all set to climb the success ladder once again with iPhone 8 release. The giant amazes the users every time it releases a new iPhone. With the upcoming launch of iPhone 8, a series of rumors are surfacing about the release date, the functionalities, and other important features. The rumors have it, that the new iPhone will fall short of the current demand.

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Apple has however declined any such rumors that iPhone production will see a massive growth in the fourth quarter of 2017. One of the company’s representatives mentioned that Apple will probably get into the contract for manufacturing 53 million iPhones in total by the end of Company’s September-ending Q4 fiscal year. There will also be 5 to 6 million iPhone X produced through contracts.

The remaining Apple X iPhones  will feature a mix of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s functions. These phones will have a traditional LCD screen, unlike the OLED displays that have been rumored for iPhone 8.

Rumoured specs

iPhone Rumour

The All New Apple iPhone 8: Get The Major Insights Here Click To Tweet

Battery Specifications

iPhone 8 Battery

iPhone 8 Specifications

  • Quick access to notification when screen if off.
  • The function of the lower battery varies between different apps.
  • AMOLED capacitive Touchscreen.
  • iOS 11 operating system.
  • Non-removable li-Ion battery.
  • Fingerprint sensor.

The Conclusion

Apple has always delighted the clients with every iPhone series it rolls out for them. These functionalities offer a whole new opportunity to the users to explore them closely. With the new iPhone release, Apple is all set to take the clients’ expectation to a whole new level one more time. And, the exceptional functionalities that we have talked about earlier in the write-up are another thing for the users to watch out for iPhone 8 release.

After a series of three phone launch in September this year, Apple will be focusing on introducing a major change to the designing aspect. Add on to this, the analysts have further predicted that Apple will boost its iPhone 8 production in order to cater to the large demand that’s growing every day.

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