All You Need to Know About Uber’s New CEO

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Dara Khosrowshahi is the new man behind Uber, elected as the new CEO. He has been  elected at a time when the company is continually going in losses and Dara’s election has provided a ray of hope to Uber to get back its status. To succeed, he needs to kill two birds with a single stone. He needs to win at “inner game” first, that is possible only if the man succeeds in removing internal barrier and secondly succeed in the “outer game” too by increasing the net profit worth.

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Khosrowshahi is no stranger to competitive pressure. He has led Expedia at a time when the company was under heavy losses. The man battled successfully to take Expedia to the category of one of the most profit making companies. Khosrowshahi made it possible to take Expedia ahead of the then market leader “The Priceline Group”. Khosrowshahi subsequently grew Expedia $3.9 billion acquisition in 2015.

What Helped Khosrowshahi Succeed in Winning the Heated Battle At Uber?

After replacing the founder Travis Kalanick, Uber’s board of directors were continually considering three candidates: Khosrowshahi, Hewlett-Packed Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman, and General Electric chairman Jeff Immelt for being the future CEO of Uber.

Factors for selection

However, Immelt withdrew his candidacy after knowing that he does not hold enough support to win the job as reported by the New York Times. The America daily also reported that Uber was looking forward to getting Whiteman for the job, but she and Uber failed to agree on the terms, which further leaded the path for Khosrowshahi to become the CEO.

Khosrowshahi All Set to Take Over a Company in Crisis

Currently, Uber is facing a lot of crisis, the most difficult point of concern that Uber has also faced in the past was the case of nonscaleable founder. In the past days, the founder of the company, Travis Kalanick failed to maintain the cashflow that was coming to Uber. Additionally, a number of lawsuits were filed against Uber that the new CEO will have to tackle too to take the company out of the financial crises.


The revenue for the company is also decreasing continually impacting its overall success. For tackling all these issues, Khosrowshahi will have to fight the battle with a properly analyzed plan. The execution will also matter in order to tackle the issue successfully.

The Final Verdict

Uber’s new CEO will have to execute some major steps in order to come out from the financial crises successfully. There are lawsuits to be taken care of, profit loss to manage successfully, directing the manpower towards the right direction and managing all the internet issues that the company is going through presently.


It is sure to take much longer for Khosrowshahi to resolve all the internal as well as external issues. Khosrowshahi has good experience of helping companies emerge successfully from such crisis, he is likely to solve all the internal as well as external issues related with Uber in order to help the company rise once again.