2017 App Trends : The current Sensation in the Application Development Domain

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Mobile App Trends in 2017

Mobile app users need continuous dose of innovation to remain addicted to their obsession of applications. With the similar reason, app development companies now have a reason to work on user-centric, feature-rich more dynamic applications. Users have always embraced the innovation that has taken place in app development. Be it for user interface or about the overall user experience, applications have won over users in almost every category.

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We are in an era where innovation happens every few seconds. Though, they may not be liked equally by the users but the good news is that companies can keep on creating innovation. Talking particular about the innovation in the mobile app industry, the domain of wearables, IoT, AR/VR etc. has flourished like never before. With so many technologies being included in mobile app development, it is important for users to know a bit of them all.


When it comes to briefing on the technological innovation, there is a lot of room to talk on. Here is a concise collection drawn on the current sensation in the mobile app development domain. With this round up of the current trends, the aim is to educate users on the effectivity of these technologies. Keep reading more to get the in depth of these approaches. All these app development trends are expected to flourish in their approach in the current year.

Here is a Brief Glimpse on the Same:

VR and AR

Both of these techniques have got a special place in the technological innovation. The way of making virtual elements seem real is a great offering for all the game lovers out there. The recent Pokeman go serves the best example to the same. The trend has grown exceptionally well in its approach and is expected to grow further this year. Companies like Google, Facebook and IBM are also investing in augmented reality to create history with their innovative apps.


IoT or Internet of Things

Connecting one device to another is what IoT or internet of things is all about. This technique has made it easier to connect a number of devices with your smartphones only and then using your phones as a remote control to access the devices.

IoT in mobile app

Internet of things has given a bright future to smart devices to grow further in their capabilities as well as functionality. Internet of things holds a prominent future to grow further in the upcoming year. It is of course a rewarding technology that has given room for developers to create further innovations.



Wearable devices have already created a buzz in the health and fitness industry. A number of mobile app development companies have also invested their time and efforts in this technique.

wearable device

As a result of the same, a great number of health apps and wearables such as watches and fitness bands have surfaced in the market. The effect of wearables can easily be seen in consumer electronic industry. With these technology, consumers have the chance to interconnect more device through their wearables as well as smart devices.


Final Verdict

With the current sensation in the mobile app development companies, the domain is expected to grow further. And, the innovation that is taking place in this area is sure to bring excellent elements of user-satisfaction in the years to come. People are loving the technological innovation and it is again a reason for developers to contribute more. Moreover, these innovations are sure to make the lives of the users more easier with the techniques such as wearables, smart gadgets and other similar innovations.