Make Mobile App Localization Easy with Google’s App Translation Service

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Today, there are apps for everything. Whether you are looking forward to order food, get the latest news or want to do shopping, there is an app for everything. There is no denying that apps have turned mobile phones into information hubs. The market is going to be flooded with amazing apps. If you are engaged in developing apps, then the biggest problem is to make your app stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of ways to make your app a big hit, but mobile app localization is the best strategy. This simply means translating your app into different languages.

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Translating your mobile app’s store listing, user interface text and in-app products etc. into multiple languages can help in increasing the download ratio and in earning revenue. Skyscanner is one of travel apps that have already localized it into more than 15 languages. This app was a huge milestone for Mobile App Development Company. Due to its growing need and amazing benefits, companies are focused on offering mobile app localization services.

Let’s Have a Look at App Translation Service Offered by Google for Easier Mobile App Localization

There are some amazing benefits of this service in which the first one is the quick and simple way to apply translations. As a developer, you have an option of translating your app strings, Play Store text, Universal App Campaign ads and in-app products. Translating an app and store description into one language may cost around USD 50. A typical translation order is completed within 4-5 business days, but this may vary as the time depends on several important factors. This amazing app translation service is accessible from the Google Play Developer Console as well as from Android Studio.

App Translation Service From Google Play Console- Store Listing

It is a human translation professional service provided by third party mobile app localization service provider.

In order to use this service,

  • Visit Google Play Developer Console.
  • Select the app -select store listing.
  • Click on manage translations.
  • Select purchase translations.

Mobile App Translation

After completing this procedure, app translation will pop up and then you have to go to the new translation and then you will get to know the process to submit the order.

App Translation Service From Google Play Console- APK

In order to opt for this service, go to Google Play Console-

  • Select APK.
  • Find App Translation Service.
  • Click on Start or Check Progress.

App Translation Service From Android Studio

  • Open Relevant Android Studio Project.
  • Right Click on Strings.xml.
  • Open Translation
  • Click on Open Translation Editor.
  • Click on order a professional translation to proceed.

SDK for Apps

This way you can acquire the service easily.

Mobile App Localization: Crucial Parts to Localize

When it comes to acquiring mobile app localization service, understand the parts of an app that should be localized. There is a need to translate product names as well as descriptions and all those things that a user sees before making a purchase. In addition, universal ad campaigns need to be translated. You can even choose to translate a file that includes speech. Make Optimum Utilization of Mobile App Localization by Considering Important Things for Translating Services.

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It is very important to translate your app into English if it hasn’t been translated into this language. This is because the language is understood even in those countries which do not speak English. In addition, understand the category of your app and which countries prefer your app. Lastly, don’t forget to consider your budget. By paying attention to these things, you can achieve the good result from mobile app localization.


Google has simplified the mobile app localization process. Google select translators carefully and thus, there is no need to worry about any error. It will also suggest the languages you should translate your app into. So, now use app localization and expand the reach of your apps. On the other hand, the furious rate of technological change in the mobile app world has made it very challenging for developers to come up with a great app. If you are also struggling with this thing, there is a need to understand the mobile app technology choices.