A Note on Growing Approach of Mobile App Development in 2017

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Round-up of Mobile App Development Technology

Smartphones have become an important part of our lives, all thanks to the rewarding approach of mobile app development companies. Right from awakening us in the morning to letting us remain connected to our loved ones through whatsapp and to listening to the music, mobile apps play an important role in our lives. Our phones offer us an easy way to remain connected to the world.


The number of smartphone users is continually growing. And, the current stats suggest that nearly 2.1 billion smartphones across the globe. The number is only going to increase in the years to come. As smartphone users will grow in number, new trends will follow accordingly. In order to let the users know more and more about these trends, here is an explanation on all these techniques.


Round-up of Mobile App Development Technology

Expansion of AR & VR

The effective Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is sure to rise this year. Making the virtual things seem real is all about utilizing the AR and VR technology. As the growth in the technology is expanding every single day, there will be more AR and VR centric applications for the users. Additionally, users are also liking such applications and one such example is the popular “Pokemon Go” games.

A chart to show the variation of AR & VR in different sectors

App in AR & VR

More AI-Centric Mobile Apps

Artificial Intelligence is also expected to grow further with the helps of advanced analytics and machine learning. AI is capable of providing powerful insight to the users that was not possible earlier. Because of the effectivity of this technology, a number of well known organizations including IBM, Google, Facebook, eBay and more have already invested in the same.


The Rise of Cloud Driven Mobile Apps

Cloud driven mobile apps need no mention. Right from globally renowned businesses to medium sized enterprises, cloud-centric applications have made their intact identity. Whether it is about their structure in the business or in a company. Cloud-driven mobile apps have now found their place in mobile app development. And, companies are now making the best business from the technique.


The Security Concern

A number of studies have claimed that almost 75% of applications will fail to pass even the basic security test. This opens up a serious threat to the security of the applications, which is a critical issues for every mobile app development company. Security of applications should always been taken seriously as the hacking tools and the techniques for the same are evolving dramatically.


Writer’s Thought

The mobile app development space is growing with some of the exceptional tools and the techniques. As every company wishes to lead the race, adoption of all these techniques can help to get success easily. Thus, in order to develop business-centric mobile application, do follow the suggestion prescribed here.