Microsoft Unveils App Mirroring Feature To Access Android Apps On Windows 10

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Microsoft Unveils App Mirroring Feature

Microsoft who left the smartphone battleground a while ago is now working to strengthen its Windows ecosystem. The company has announced a new feature for the Windows 10 that will allow the users to access their phone’s app on the desktop. According to Microsoft, the ‘App Mirroring’ feature will help the users in seamlessly stay connected to their phone using the Windows 10.

The users can access this feature by downloading the app named, ‘Your Phone’ from the store. Your Phone seems to be working great with Android smartphone, Microsoft claims that it also performs well for the iPhone users. The company dropped the news of the app during its Surface hardware event in New York. However, the company did not share a live demo of the app, but it does give a glimpse of it with a video. Android users can access their default messaging and photos app on the desktop once they download the app. Besides, Microsoft also claims that the app is capable of transferring the web pages from an iPhone to a desktop with Windows 10.

According to Microsoft, the feature will reach to the users with the Windows October 10 update. Initially, the app will continue to mirror the photos and messaging app for Android and web page transfer for iPhone. In future, the company plans to push more extensive support to the Android users with Your Phone app. However, it is not clear that whether the company will expand the features for iPhone or not.