LinkedIn Finally Came Out With A Video Feature! Your Secret Weapon Towards Better Visibility

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Feature by LinkedIn

LinkedIn is late to the party! But it has come with all the bang to get the user’s eyes glued on its latest addition, the “Video Feature”! This professional network has finally allowed the influencers to upload the videos on its platform. These videos will automatically play in others user’s feed. An apt mobile app strategy that will take this platform in the same queue as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are already standing into.

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Maintaining its legacy of adding a professional touch to ever new offering that comes over this platform, LinkedIn has successfully added a business twist to this new add on! The network will share the entire information about viewers along with their employer name and their job profiles. And, this add on is sure to elevate the status of already acclaimed LinkedIn platform. It is for the very first time that LinkedIn has allowed the users to upload videos to its professional network.

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Why Will Videos Add More to Your Professional Network?

We, humans, are the visual creatures. A moving image is sure to halt our attention seeking bugs preventing our thumb to scroll down until we know what the video is all about. Those few seconds from users on a particular video feed is an ultimate chance to boost the visibility of any LinkedIn profile. And that’s all to get a step closer to the extended visibility from a world that is skimming through the online platforms 24*7 and 365 days a year.


Curious to Know the LinkedIn Mobile App Video Details? Get Going!

Movement is engaging. It catches the attention of the onlooker and compels them to pause for a few seconds. What more your video can do for your LinkedIn Profile is described here:

  • LinkedIn’s handheld selected group can only create and share their videos directly to their news feed.
  • LinkedIn will only count the videos after it is played more than 3 seconds.
  • The video can be auto played on desktops but not on mobile apps too.
  • These short videos can be shared directly to user’s news feed.

Be The Traffic Generator!

With this new LinkedIn roll out, one thing is sure that influencers can have greater traffic towards their post. Now when your LinkedIn connections scroll through your profile, you will have a greater chance to attract their attention spans easily. As the feature includes auto-playing videos, people will surely pause for a few seconds to have a glance on your video.

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The Upshot

One thing that may worry the users is the choice of video that should go on their professional LinkedIn profile. As the platform serves everything in a professional manner, the choice of the video must adhere to the prerequisites of the platform so that it does not harm the professionalism of the professional LinkedIn Profile. This professional network has just taken a baby step, which may be taken further in order to open the feature to the regular users too.