iOS 11: A Guide To The Hidden Features of the Operating System

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iOS 11 Features

iPhones have a craze of their own among the users and all thanks to an exceptional mobile operating system, iOS. The recent iPhone 8 and iPhone X launch is the best news for iOS app development company. For the iPhone users, the arrival of the new iPhone 8 is, of course, a delightful news but for all those, who, for any reason are not able to have their own new iPhone sets can try to upgrade their OS to iOS 11.

The new operating system has a number of offerings for the users be it iOS 11 compatibility or a feature in iOS 11 beta download version. The write-up is going to take you through some of the most exceptional iOS 11 Apple features. The operating system is having a number of user-centric features, which makes it the best of all. Here comes the list of the best iOS 11 beta download features.

Hidden Features in iOS 11

With iOS 11, Apple has offered a set of exciting features for the users. Here comes the list of all those exceptional features.

1. Moving Multiple Apps at Once

iOS 11 offers a set of exciting features to the users and one among them is the feature to move multiple apps at once. To move an app, you could hold on the icon that you normally do to remove an application. As soon as you move the very first app, try holding other icons or the folder to move them all at once. You may have to use both of your hands, but it helps clear up the clutter screen space.

Previously users need to rely on the iTune tool to rearrange the app icons. However, the implementation has not been done completely but it clears the air about Apple’s ambition to bring this iconic feature to most of its products.

2. Automatic Storage Maximization

Storage has always remained an issue with iPhones but it is not a concern with iOS 11 beta download. You could adjust your iPhone settings in order to make new storage space-saving recommendations. Enabling “offload unused apps”, auto-deleting old conversations and “review large attachments” will help to free up extra space.

These are the techniques users/ iOS app development company could try with iOS 11 in order to get some extra space and to get rid of the data that is not useful anymore. Each option tells the users how much space they would get by free up the data, which is a great offering for the users.

3. Easy Access to Notes from Lock Screen

With iOS 11, you can access notes directly from the lock screen. “Access from the lock screen” can be used with (Settings > Notes > Access from Lock Screen) this setting. It enables you to get the notes from the screen without unlocking the phone. In order to use the shortcut opt for “always create a new note” or “resume last note,”.

Remember, anyone who comes across your phone can see the last note made. In case, you are concerned about potential privacy issues, try the option, “always create a new note”.

4 Facetime Screenshots

Apple has introduced a built-in feature with iOS 11 in order to make “facetime screenshots” much clearer for the users. The built-in feature with iOS 11 Apple is added with the capacity of capturing screenshots in the mid of facetime calls. The shutter button (in the bottom left side of the screen) has to be pressed in order to make your iOS use other person’s camera to capture the screenshot.

It is mandatory that both sides are running on iOS 11 Apple. Users have the option to disable the facetime setting in case they want to protect themselves from live facetime photos. All they need is to turn off the live photo option as shown in the picture below.

5. Type to Siri

With the newly added “type to Siri” in ios 11 beta download and newer versions, you can actually interact with the Siri without speaking. As per the directions, users can type out the question to get the assistance instead. The accessibility setting is given under (General > Accessibility > Siri > Type to Siri). This setting when enabled, changes the default setting for voice to text.

Enabling the setting will disallow you to speak to Siri, which also restricts Siri to speak answers to your questions back to you unless the settings are changed to the default ones.

6. Document Scanning with Notes App

Apple’s note app has now doubled to a document scanner and the feature can be used by choosing “scan documents”. Using the iPhone camera, the users can import physical documents into the notes from the notes apps.

You can Scan Documents in the Notes App With Following Steps:

  1. Open any existing note
  2. Tap the + icon then tap Scan Documents
  3. Place document in the camera’s view
  4. You can either use the shutter button or one of the volume buttons to scan
  5. If needed, adjust the corners of the scan by dragging, then tap Keep Scan
  6. Tap Save when finished scanning

7. Saving Safari Reading for Offline Reading

With the new iOS 11 beta download and similar operating system version, users can save their articles to read them offline. With the option from you can have the articles available offline. All that users need to do is to enable the “automatically save offline” setting in the safari as shown in the picture below.

The feature is a part of Apple’s Safari browser. Thus, to make use of this features the users will have to use Safari for their Mac, iPad, iPhone or even on the iPod Touch. Safari is Apple’s native browser and thus it can offer an exceptional experience to the users.

8. Turning Off Auto-Playing Videos

Apple has given a lot of update to the new App Store app. Among all these user-centric updates one less welcomed is auto-playing videos. Though the videos start on their own without the sound, it seems a bit irritating for the users. However, the major relief is that the setting can be disabled by going into the app setting under “video Autoplay”.

The facility has been made available in the iOS 11 Apple or newer versions. There is also an option for having autoplay videos limited to wifi only, which can be an option for the users who are not very much annoyed with the current update.

Wrapping Up

iOS 11 is one among the most exceptional operating systems Apple, has offered till date. The set of the features that have been discussed here makes the ios 11 beta download and the operating system a lot amazing for the users. Thus, the users who are wishing to upgrade to this new operating system should go forward as it is one of the most exceptional offerings the technical giant has offered to the users.