The Truth Behind Instagram’s Post Resharing Rumor

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Instagram Post Resharing

The rumor mill has been churning for a while now, well technically for about 24 hours. And in this time period, several claims have been made regarding the latest features that Instagram is supposedly testing out. Now, let’s rewind a day back and see what exactly happened.

It all started with an article ‘Instagram is testing a native resharing feature for the feed’ that was posted by The Verge, a well known news and media network. In this article, the author Casey Newton stated that the popular photo and video-sharing social networking service is now testing out a new feature that will allow the Instagram users to re-share the posts for other user accounts on their own feed.

And within just a couple of hours, several other reports regarding this rumor of resharing posts on Instagram came into light and that was the time the Instagram users decided to take on their thoughts of agreement and disagreement over their other social media platforms like Twitter.

And guess what this report about Instagram resharing feature turned out to be false! Just a few hours ago, Johnny Lieu from the team of Mashable, posted about ‘Instagram says it’s not testing or building a reposting feature‘ claiming that an Instagram spokesperson has told their team that reposting or resharing is not a feature that the company is currently testing or building.

With that being said, now let’s move on the Instagram rumor that might actually turn out to be true.

Instagram is also reported to testing out some new features which include the separating of hashtags from the captions, Geofencing sharing of posts and stories, several quiz stickers, and more story highlight stickers,

Currently, these new Instagram features are being tested and will soon be available for the users to try. The previous report of resharing of photos and videos seems unlikely to happen because of the company’s previous debate regarding the option to share your posts.

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