Google’s Breaktaking Innovation: Wi-Fi Balloons Soon to be Reality for Puerto Rico

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Google Wi-Fi Balloons

Google’s “Project Loon” is using futuristic technology for making it possible to enable internet services even to the disaster hit areas. The project is an endeavor to keep internet connectivity alive in the hurricane hit areas. After hurricane Imra and Maria hit Puerto Rico, more than 90 percent of the island was left without cellphone coverage. In order to restart the internet connectivity, the giant is trying to launch “Project Loon” soon. “Project Loon” is Google’s initiative to help people remain connected through innovative wi-fi balloon connections.

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The giant is planning to fly 30 balloons over the islands of Puerto Rico to keep the data services enabled for the users. If all goes according to the plan, Google’s parent company Alphabet will soon help to provide internet services in areas where connectivity has been knocked out by hurricane-strength winds. The company is planning to release wi-fi powered balloons that would provide voice and data services through local carriers to the users.

In its pact with FCC, Alphabet has requested permission to get the license permission in order to enable internet services through experimental wi-fi balloons. The official  announcement was made public by FCC chairperson Ajit Pai, on Twitter

It’s worth a try from the giant search engine to offer connectivity to 3.5 million people on the island. Puerto Rico’s infrastructure was hit hard by hurricane Maria and to bring the life back on the track Google is doing its best to provide the connectivity as soon as possible.

Project Loon is supposed to work by establishing a network of balloons floating 65,000 feet above the air to send the wi-fi signals back to the cell phones. A similar project has been implemented exceptionally well in Peru wherein 160GB data was allowed to send and receive 30 million WhatsApp messages or around 2 millions of emails.

Google Innovation

Project Loon was initially developed with an aim to serving states where people are still lacking internet connectivity. Several initiatives have been successfully launched as the subproject under the similar initiative.

Each balloon has the capacity to serve 5000 square km so the connection is expected to cover all the Puerto Rico area in addition to covering some part of US Virginia Islands as well. With approval in hands, Alphabet is all set to release the balloons soon. Although the giant has not given any official statement about when the services will be begun but a spokesperson commented; “We’re sorting through a lot of possible options now and are grateful for the support we’re getting on the ground.”