Google’s Angular Team Finally Releases Angular 4

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Angular 4

The much awaited Angular 4 release has already been announced by the Google and it is a great news for all the developers waiting for the same. However, one thing that seems to be strange with this new roll out is skipping the release of the third version. Unlike the release of Angular 2 that was kept a bit secret, the release of Angular 4 was not that much surprising as Google was already speaking about its release a few months ago.

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Angular 4 comprises of properties similar to Angular 2, which means the new framework has a learning curve similar to the latter. The new framework i.e. Angular 4 is a bit difficult and thus it is a bit challenging for the new developers to learn the same in order to switch over the latest framework. Also, the developers who are in learning phase may also face some difficulties while switching over to this platform.

Let’s now Discuss in Detail the Elements in the Innovative Angular 4 framework

The Speed

Angular 4 is much faster than the previous framework. Angular 4 promises much faster app speed as apps take small places as compared to the previous frameworks. However, the framework has not been rolled out completely yet and the development team is making the best efforts to make Angular 4 available for the users as soon as possible.

Improved *nglf & *ngFor

The template binding syntax has been built to support exceptional changes. And, users can now use “if.else” style syntax and can design the local variables.

<div *ngIf=”userList | async as users; else loading”>

<user-profile *ngFor=”let user of users; count as count” [user]=”user”>


<div>{{count}} total users</div>


<ng-template #loading>Loading…</ng-template>

Angular Universal

Angular Universal, the server side rendering module for Angular 2 has been updated again. The project has been updated with exceptional Angular changes. Also, the developers’ community has updated Angular with the latest framework of TypeScript. This is going to improve the speed of the application as well.


Until now, the animation feature was provided as @angular/core module, meaning that the functionality has already been included in the core system. Now the function has been put into Angular’s own package so that the developers may avoid the creation of unnecessary large-sized bundles. This is not a completely new feature but an add on to the existing Angular platform.

Router ParamMap

Angular versions store route parameters in a simple key-value object structure. This enables the accessibility to standard JavaScript syntax. With this Angular 4 version, router paramMap has been embedded, meaning it is now easy to send a request to route and query parameters can also be assigned to a route.

The Upshot

Angular is an exceptional framework that helps developers in creating exceptional applications. The recent Angular framework is going to help the developers change the way they develop the application. The newer applications are thus going to be faster, functional and feature-centric for the users.