Google in Race With Apple To Acquire Strong Foothold in Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality in Mobile Games

Google’s Android game is getting bigger and better each day. The search giant has already proved its dominance in smartphones through Android and now it is all set to compete with Apple on Augmented Reality. Although the giant search engine has invested in a lot in Tango (Google owned augmented reality computing program), but this time it is all set to be as prominent as Apple in the AR domain.

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This time, it is ARCore for Google to become prominent in AR technology. Google has its own plans with ARCore. The company wants its developers to dig deep into Augmented Reality under project ARCore to come up with mind-blowing experiences for the users. The scope of development with ARCore with a perfect blend of Android technology is immensely great. Let’s have a wider exposure on Google’s plan to get into AR domain.

Google’s Achievement in AR Domain So Far

It was Google behind location-based augmented reality game, Pokemon go. The game needs no mention on how much popularity it gained among the users. That denotes Google has already worked hard on Augmented Reality and offered its best services to the users. Although Google has some plans to include the technique in other mobile app development domains too, but it is under the research for now.

Google’s Approach With ARCore

The search giant is following similar footsteps as Apple to get through Augmented Reality with the Project ARCore. For now, Google has just released a preview of ARCore for the developers. Google has succeeded in bringing a glimpse of the similar Android Technology under its flagship pixel phones running on Oreo. Although Google’s is working with a number of mobile phone makers too, such as LG, Asus, and Huawei to bring its tool to a set of all these devices.


Google’s head (Clay Bavor) managing AR and VR projects for the search giant quoted, “Our goal for this is to take AR mainstream. We have believed for years that mobile-based AR was going to be a thing.” ARCore will probably be in preview mode until winter”, he added further. After that more mobile app development company’s users will be able to use the technique widely.


Augmented Reality is one of the recent obsessions for a number of high-tech corporations including a few mobile app development companies in Silicon Valley. Besides Google and Apple, Facebook is also experimenting with Augmented Reality in order to develop games and apps for the users. Snapchat is another competitor that has gained a huge popularity by adding exceptional elements of Augmented Reality into its filters.


Google’s new tool is an amazing offering for the developers. The tool will help them to create graphics in order to present objects in different positions (sitting, standing) on different surfaces. The software will also help the developers to create objects that react to the lightings at a place.

Google Augmented Reality

The Future Aspect

Google has been working on Augmented Reality since 2013. Tango was search giant’s very first AR initiative. Tango-branded AR Technology was used in two different phones namely Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and Asus Zenfone AR. As Google has now shifted its focus on ARCore to experiment more on Augmented Reality, it will be interesting to know if Google continues its research on Tango.