It’s Farewell Time For Google’s Inbox By Gmail App

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Inbox by Gmail

Google has recently announced that they have decided to take down the Inbox by Gmail app, the majority of users are not amused by this announcement. Although, it didn’t actually come as a surprise but still the news is huge enough to stir up some talks.

This inbox email application will be officially discontinued by Google in the month of March of 2019 that means the users of this app are left with a time span of six months to switch from Inbox email app to the same old Gmail.

During its lifetime of four years, the Inbox by Gmail app named as a new and innovative version of Gmail that made mailing fun. The updates in this inbox email app were not so frequent but that didn’t cause any issue in its small but constantly growing community of users.

“Google is shutting down its Inbox email app to refocus on Gmail as its preferred email client.”

The features in Inbox were what made this application stand out from the rest of the email apps. The main aim of Inbox by Gmail app was to redesign the user’s inbox with the help of its amazing features. Some of them are:

  • One swipe removal of a bunch of emails.
  • Provided notification and email grouping in Android.
  • Refreshing as well as efficient design.
  • Features like snooking and bundling.

One of the main reasons why this inbox email app was preferred more than Gmail, is because it bought those features into existence that were missing from Gmail for so long and users made their need evident.

The Google Inbox app experience was like a fresh breath of air, as it enabled the users to manage their emails more effectively and also in a way that was less boring, unlike Gmail. This was the Google New Email App, that was seen as a potential incubator latest features that could launch for the Gmail.

According to Google, there are some features that will shortly be released for Gmail. The interesting part is that these features will be migrated from the inbox email application to the Gmail. One of these features is the ‘Bundle’ feature that will group together the similar emails into one block, to increase the user’s productivity.

The users of Inbox by Gmail app have almost six months duration to switch to Gmail. And if you are someone who is not sure how to do this switch. Then, check out this ‘transition guide‘ that Google is offering the users so make their Gmail transition process more smooth and confusion-free.

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