Google Feeds Will Be Personalized: Know The Details Here

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Google feeds

Right from self-driving cars to the floating balloons that offer internet connectivity, Google is everywhere when it is about innovation. Although the giant has entered in a number of businesses today but its niche still lies in offering the most authentic search results to the users. The company is focusing towards launching a new update that will make search feeds personalized for the users.

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Google initially announced the update back in July, whereupon it was made available only for the U.S citizens. Although, users can only get the stream of information through the Google app on the Google PIxel or the Pixel XL Phones. The update has not been rolled out for the desktops. However, the giant search engine is working to bring the change for the desktops too.

Changes that will be Bought by the Search Giant through Feeds

Dive Deeper

Dive deeper is an opportunity for the users to get the “Feeds” as per their interests. Simply, the users can select the feed that Google will present to the users as per their choice. They can tap the header in the Google app to get their personal feeds as the choice. With this, the users will be given news on the recent happenings, trending topics, related article and much more.

How it works

New to You Functionality

Google will now present “new-to-you” functionality to the users. New to you functionality will bring the news to the users that are not recent but of their interest. For example, in case you start learning a new musical instrument, Google will offer you the feeds related to your preferred musical instrument. This functionality is thus the best to the users to get the search result as per their preferences.


The follow button will help users to tell Google about the areas of their interest so that it could pick the relevant feeds for them. The button is located on an easy-to-find-spot right on the top left side of the application. Once the users tap on the button, they will be provided with relevant content as per their preferences. Users can search for a news or trend to follow in order to get a related news. The button will look alike as shown below in the picture. While we’ve been getting better at understanding your interests, it hasn’t always been easy for you to choose new topics for your feed,” said Google.

Follow section Work-flow

The Conclusion

The update to “Feed” the users is available for both Android and iOS users on the Google app. Google Pixel owners can also experience the same with just a left swipe on their home screen of the app. The giant search engine is working hard to offer the changes to the desktop and mobile web users. However, the recent changes are available for the users across the globe.