Google Cheeseburger Emoji: CEO Sundar Pichai Drooping Everything to Address the Issue

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Google Emoji Issue

You must have had lip-smacking, mouth-watery, enticing cheeseburger thousand times before but never had imagined that your favorite menu item could set the internet on the fire. Yes, you read that right! Cheeseburger has initiated an ongoing debate involving the Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s attention in the debate.

It all started when Thomas Baekdal pointed out on Twitter that Google’s emoji place the cheese at the bottom while Apple shows it on the top. The Tweet gained so much of attention that the Google CEO promised to look into the matter leaving everything else behind. Pichai’s immediate priority suddenly become “a thing” on the internet especially for Twitterati to comment upon.

Google is continually working to make its emoji game clean, clear and creative for the users. Comparing Google’s cheeseburger emoji with others, it seems that the tech giant has got it a bit wrong. In order to make things work better Pichai has already responded to the viral tweet by quoting, Will drop everything else we are doing and address on Monday:) if folks can agree on the correct way to do this!”.

Google’s emoji on Android shows cheese beneath the burger and above the bun, which is not similar to the emoji other tech-giants use for the similar icon. While emoji battle on Twitter was more of a fun for Twitterati, a number of users have tweeted with some great information, one being the right place of cheese only by Microsoft.

Companies like Google and Apple design their emojis with their own interpretation of an icon. The symbols are later approved by the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit responsible for setting the global standards for emoji and other software prior it is shown on the emoji list of the tech giants. Because of the reason, emojis look different on the iPhones and Android devices.

Android recently redesigned its emojis following to certain criticism made by the users. In the similar move, Apple too coined some new emojis including gender-neutral option, Chinese takeout box and a Hedgehog. Although there may be not any right way to depict the icons through emojis, users like them the most when they appear similarly as they are in real.

In The Conclusion

After all the tweet game that went viral following the cheeseburger emoji, Google’s placement of cheese is certainly not right. It has to an extent not done the justification with the elements of culinary art, which sounds blasphemous. While Pichai has promised to drop everything to look into the matter, it would be interesting to know about the next move Google will take to address the issue.