Game of Thrones record break reach to 45M Viewers with Snapchat Lens

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HBO Record

Popular series the “Game of Thrones” and in demand messaging app, Snapchat needs no mention. And, when both these platforms are together in the news, it is surely going to overwhelm the users. Through Snapchat’s eye catching lens, Game of Throne premier managed to bring a whopping 50% more audience with the new series. And, it is all because of the selfie lens on Snapchat.

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The selfie lens bought by the HBO on Snapchat lets them turn their selfies into blue-eyed ice-breathing white zombies. Million’s of show fans along with the Snapchat users have contributed towards the success with the record break impression for the very first time. This new feature brings along a lot of fun for the users.

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The Enormous Snapchat Lens Popularity

In just a week’s time, this “Game of Thrones” lens has got more than 122 million impressions that are growing rapidly. The viewer’s count has reached nearly to 45 million individuals posting their selfies by using the new lens. Till date, Snapchat’s Taco Bell Sponsored lens collected huge 224 million views, which the new HBO sponsored lens may surpass with the time.

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As per Snapchat the average time recorded (for the time being users are viewing the app) for this new HBO sponsored lens is 23 seconds, which has already surpassed the previous 15-second time. However, the users who have unlocked this new sponsored lens via Snapcode have played with the same for 127 seconds, which is also a record in terms of engagement on the Snapchat lens that have been sponsored. It has thus brought huge popularity in terms of engagement in Snapchat.

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More on the Launch of the “Game of Thrones” Lens

The “Game of Thrones” lens was launched in 16 different countries on July 16, the same day as the season 7 premiere was on aired. The actual number of the users that this new sponsored lens has provided for the Snapchat is still not clear. But, it is true that the “Game of Thrones” lens mania truly flooded the users for the Snapchat helping it create success one more time.

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Snapchat audience base is one exceptional and advertisers find it a luring option to grab the audience base for their success. HBO utilized the same technique for gaining the attention span of the users for its already awaited “Game of Thrones” series. The current base of Snapchat global audience is near to 166 million that is growing every single second.

The Upshot

Snapchat and HBO are the kings in their own domains. Both these platforms have already gained exceptional viewers. The new advertising technique has already given more user base to both the platforms. And, with this “Game of Throne” lens, the fans have got something truly amazing.