Fitbit’s Gift to Diabetics to Manage Their Blood Sugar Through Smartwatches

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Fitbit, the one among the best-known wearable app development companies is looking to go beyond just fitness tracking gadget making. In the similar attempt, the company is teaming up with the giant medical device maker to help people manage their diabetes directly from their wrist. Fitbit has recently announced its partnership with Dexcom, a glucose monitoring device company to work on a smartwatch that will track patient’s blood sugar levels.

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Dexcom’s data will be integrated to the Fitbit smartwatches. However, the patients will need to connect a Dexcom device to the Fitbit app for having their health status on the smartwatch screen. The device will help monitor patients’ glucose levels that will be provided alongside steps, heart rate and a number of other stats tracked by the smartwatch. Having their data right at patients’ fingertips will make it a lot easier for them to track their diabetic conditions.

For those not familiar much with Dexcom, the company creates sensors that are put under the skin. The chip helps track a person’s glucose levels every few minutes. It offers a bigger picture to the patients about their glucose levels in order to track their present condition. As of now, a transmitter works with a sensor to offer the readouts to the users on their smartwatch.

The big news is not only a delightful announcement for the patients but also a pleasure to a number of iPhone app development companies and the shareholders as well. Following the announcement, Fitbit’s shares have immediately jumped up 13 percent, as per the news shared by MarketWatch. The sudden jump in the share is, of course, an exciting news for the company shareholders.

The smartwatch is likely to be launched by the end of this month. Both the companies in partnership are aiming for 2018 to collaborate strongly on different areas. There are a number of areas these partners are aiming to work on for offering exceptional health gadgets to the users.

It is not for the very first time that Fitbit has come with such a contract. The company has already announced to work on a feature to be included in the Apple watch. The announcement was made back in June at WWDC conference. While people having Dexcom monitors can use Apple watch to view the data but it does not offer a connected experience as it is just a projection from the iPhone app. This shows the widespread of Fitbit as one of the most renowned wearable app development companies.

Apple, on the other hand, is one of the best iPhone app development companies is working on its own glucose monitor to build a future version of its smartwatch. The speculations are high that Apple will work on a functionality much similar to the features of Fitbit’s new products. Wearable companies are working their best to utilize some of the trending practices to offer a never before experience to the users.

The Wrap Up

The Dexcom and Fitbit partnership is likely to go along so that users could have an exceptional smartwatch experience. “We believe that providing Dexcom CGM data on Fitbit Ionic, and making that experience available to users of both Android and iOS devices, will have a positive impact on the way people manage their diabetes,” said Dexcom’s CEO, Kevin Sayer.