Facebook’s Latest Feature: Emphasizing on User Experience and Website Speed

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Facebook Mobile App

Are you a Facebook user who always wait for some amazing features for a delightful experience? If yes, there is a good news for you. Facebook is rolling out a new feature that will help users in finding Wi-Fi spots in close vicinity. This amazing mobile app feature is available worldwide under the “More” tab in the Facebook mobile app. There is no denial to the fact that need for such a feature is important for both developed as well as developing markets. According to Facebook, users have an option of staying longer on the network and can have a wonderful user experience. While the feature might be interested in Internet connectivity all over the world and bringing its users closer, you can’t deny the fact that it gives a clear message about a pleasant user experience.

How Can You Use This Feature to Help Your Business?

It also serves local businesses. Now you must be thinking how this mobile app feature is used to help businesses. If you are engaged in running a brick and mortar store that offers free Wi-Fi, simply log in to your Facebook business account and claim Wi-Fi network under the “Edit Page Info” tab.

App Business Purpose

It is said that from there, you can reap the benefits of this new feature. You can simply attract more visitors to your business by being featured on the chart of the closest hotspots.

Facebook’s New Feature Focus on Website Speed

On the other hand, this latest feature pays attention to the speed of the website too. There is nothing wrong in saying that in today’s time large images and videos attract people. In addition, when they prefer browsing the web on their mobile devices, monitoring the speed and performance of site is crucial.

website speed

Just imagine a scenario where you have a sales page with a strong sales pitch in the form of a great video, but if it keeps buffering then nobody will see that. Don’t let the effort of designing a fancy website with full-width images go useless. If you have a mobile app developer by your side, then there is no need to worry at all. However, if you are handling things alone, then follow listed below things:

  • Check your load time with Google PageSpeed Tools. This will not only give the grade to your site for speed but will also tell areas of improvements.
  • Opt for free and premium plugins that are known for speeding up your website
  • Don’t forget to consider the size of uploaded media. This means that you should not upload huge files unless there is a strong need of those files. In addition, have a look at lazy load plugins and also optimize your images with plugins.


If you are properly following above-mentioned steps and your site is still poor, then check with your hosting provider. If the site optimized for functionality and speed, then don’t worry about anything. While the free Wi-Fi feature is an awesome thing, there is a need to improve the speed of your website.