Facebook’s Crisis Response: A Feature To Mark Safety During Disaster

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Facebook has been bringing a lot of changes since its launch in 2004. The giant social-networking site has recently added “Crisis Response”- an impressive feature to mark safety during mishaps. The idea behind launching this innovative feature is to offer a way to the users for announcing their well-being to friends and the family members during natural disaster and terrorist attacks.

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Facebook has introduced the change amidst a number of natural and man-made crisis that we go through quite frequently. The innovative change added as “Crisis Response” will contain posts, news articles, photos and videos. Facebook has announced it as an impressive feature that also includes Community Help Tool for coordinating help during disasters. Other additions also include all-new fundraising features to support affected individuals.

For past few years, Facebook has been actively participating in fundraising activities to help the victims across the globe. The globally acclaimed social-networking website has launched a number of such initiatives including the recent Safety Check. The program was first launched in 2014 but deployed successfully during the Nepal earthquake. It was company’s signature move to help users mark them safe during the disaster.

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Safety Check can easily be activated automatically after a confirmation from third-party or authenticated government sources. Well, the giant social-media networking site has seen a series of misleading news under the same initiative, one such being roll out of a news of detecting a bomb instead of firecrackers.

Despite such setbacks, Facebook has successfully launched a series of such events that have actually helped people in marking their safety and security on their profiles during adverse situations. It is one of the most exceptional utilities that Facebook has offered so far to the users. This remarkable feature is sure to help individuals across the globe to mark their safety in order to spread the news of their well-being to the family and friends.

‘We have developed a number of crisis response tools, based on what we’ve learned from our community,’Mike Nowak, Facebook’s product director of social good, wrote on a blog post. Adding more to the post, Nowak said, ‘When there is a crisis, people use Facebook to let their friends and family know they’re safe, learn and share more about what’s happening, and help communities recover.’

Users can get access to this new crisis response feature through homepage from desktop and from menu button from the app. The recent feature clears social-networking giant’s continuous efforts of projecting itself as a relief resource during crises.