Facebook Is Using Sphero Robots To Teach Students Programming In Classes

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Facebook is providing Sphero Bolts

Facebook is working hard to restore its public image by investing time and efforts in educations among the children. The social media giant has started a new initiative under CodeFWD to provide free coding tutorials to school teachers and students. CodeFWD, which is backed by Code.org to give programming lessons to both students and teachers for free. Besides, once the students and teachers complete the entire course, they can apply for the Sphero Bolt robots. The robot is built by the popular company known for making Star Wars toy robots. With the help of Bolts, the students can take their coding education to the next level. The student will be able to learn how to built Bolts in different directions, how they can interact with each other and other significant learning.

According to Facebook, it will be paying $150 for the each Sphero robot, and the robots usually come in the unit of 15. This means the bolts will be free for the students and teachers willing to learn programming language seriously. The class and its mentor has to complete the whole module first that includes, teacher- only I DO, Students and teacher- We Do and students practice- You Do programming tutorials along with quizzes. Only after the completion of the entire module, Facebook will accept and prioritize all the application in order to provide the underserved first. However, the company did not disclose how many Bolts it planned to distribute.

The coding tutorials and Sphero Bolts aren’t the only things that Facebook is working for encouraging the programming among kids. The company has also launched a new website named, Facebook For Educations that is dedicated to the same cause. The website form the social media giant offers numerous programs that include, TechPrep for the students to learn basics of computer science and Oculus Next Gen that offers the VR headset in classrooms. Facebook also offers its own tools like workplace and Group for the teachers to improve productivity and learning. Along with this, the company is also launching another program named, ‘Engineer Of The Week’. The program guides the students towards coding basics and helps them in building chatbots and games after the school in a period of three weeks.

It is almost a year since the Cambridge Analytica incident, and the company is still carrying the baggage of lost users’ trust. All these philanthropist efforts may seem like a step to overcome the past mistakes but, the company has been doing it a long before the data-leak scandals. Along with this Facebook also frequently faces the accusation of not being racially diverse. Although the number of the employees belonging to black or Latinx group has improved over the last year, the company still has a long way to go.