Facebook Has Now 4K Support and Other Improvements With Live 360

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Facebook 360 Feature

For a number of Facebook users, the 360 degree video is not as awesome as it seems to others. The video makes sense to give an honest perspective of your present location to someone else sitting miles away from you. Facebook is yet to make new innovations in their instrumental element for the Live video shoot.

Facebook Has Now 4K Support and Other Improvements With Live 360 Click To Tweet

The renowned social networking site has already brought live video broadcasting for its VR apps. As the popularity of this feature is already an exceptional one among the users, Facebook has planned to add more features to live 360 video pipeline. The video will be given 4K support, real-time playback on gear VR, and a number of other enhancements to make the video more desirable to the users.

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The current 1080p size of spherical photos is good, but the resolution seems to be pretty low for the videos. It is because of the pixels size that stretches, which spoils the entire video viewing experience for the users. The upcoming 4K support to live 360 video is thus sure to bring new innovations that would be loved by the users. In addition to this, the company is all set to support the Facebook 360 app on gear VR too.

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A Brief on the Facebook 360 Camera Lens

There are a number of 360 cameras in the market. But, the fact is that the best ones are not sold by the well-known names like Canon or Nikon. To make the choice from the names that are not popular is quite a tough choice. Facebook is currently working on the cameras and software that could match perfectly well with going live. The cameras will be called 360 ready program.

360 Camera Lens

Among the choice of the cameras, Facebook may choose from Insta360 Nano, Insta360 Air, Garmin VIRB 360, Nokia Ozo Orah 4i, Z CAM S1 and several others. The ones that will suit the best to the concept of 360 live Facebook video will be chosen. As the giant social networking site has been working to elevate the present user experience that the videos offer, it will remain very focused to offer the services again.

Facebook Has Now 4K Support and Other Improvements With Live 360 Click To Tweet

The Facebook would go through the best practice for doing the live broadcast through the camera that could be fixed on the tripod. And, mobile 360 cams could be the best possible option for the same. For the cameras to be stable, Facebook would be adding additional stabilization support to 360 broadcast. After the users will be done with their live streaming, the Facebook will determine whether the video is shaking or not. If it is found shaking, the video will be given an option to stabilize before publishing the same.

The Conclusion

Facebook’s 360 live streaming has a few flaws for which the company is trying hard to resolve with the new set of innovative cameras. There will be other significant changes too in the form of fundraising buttons, scheduling live profits and much more to entice the users. The efforts are sure to add more revenue for the Facebook.