Designing Your Next IoT App? Consider These Developer Tools

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Admit it, when there are plethora of options, it gets difficult to choose your preference. It goes similar with mobile app development. Developing an app has become the most important concern for businesses today. And, when you have outstanding technology like Internet of Things, the development goes smooth too. It is all about knowing the right tools and the techniques to develop the app the right way.


The choice of tools for developing Internet of Things application is a wider one. For the users who are not technical enough, it may get a bit difficult to choose the right kind of IoT app development tool. Thus, to help such users in finding the right mobile app development tool, here is a guiding note.

Insight on the Top Internet of Things Application Development Tools:


PlatformIO is a tool that makes programming the hardware much easier. It is a cross-platform tool that makes IoT app development much smoother for the developers. The development environment of PlatformIO includes build system, library manager, integrated development environment or IDE etc. There is an option to either build the IDE or install it as a plugin. This tool has got exceptional debugging integration. In addition to this, what makes PLatformIO even more outstanding is serial port monitor.



For all those mobile app developers who are willing to create Internet of things solution quickly along with secured features, Lasant is the solution. The platform helps in establishing a connection with an extensive range of devices, abstract hardware, store and analysis data, as well as taking the action in real time. This offers the luxury of developing even complex applications with ease.


Tessel 2

Tessel 2 offers the opportunity to use a variety of modules and sensors as well. The tools have been designed to support a wide range of modules including accelerometer, RFID, GPS and many more such modules. An exceptional feature of Tessel 2 includes its programming using Node.js. This implies that the users can use their JavaScript skills either to create server solutions or to develop hardware. Tessel 2 has two different processors for better power management.


IBM Watson

Predictive analysis on IoT is getting popular more than ever now. And, IBM Watson helps you analyze the data in the best possible way. IBM watson uses a set of APIs that makes it easy for developers to do the analysis job. These APIs have a host of different services. This makes it easy to identify the image objects, understanding conversation sentiments and much more to it. Through this revolutionary technique, the Internet of Things is going to be more specific in the times to come.


In The Conclusion

This sums up some of the most popularly used tools/services in Internet of things app development space. In addition to the techniques that have been mentioned here, a number of other exceptional tools are there to use while developing IoT centric mobile apps for offering an exceptional user experience.