A Quick Guide to the Benefits of Xamarin for Mobile App Development

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It is crucial to address the fact that approximately 80% of Internet users possess a smartphone and this percentage will grow in the near future. Due to this, for businesses of all sizes, building a mobile strategy is of utmost importance. This strategy not only means having a mobile-friendly website but well-executed apps too. Thus, every mobile app developer should come up with best-in-class apps. However, when it comes to developing apps, Xamarin is a great choice.

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Being new in app development world, Xamarin has a community of about 1.4 million developers. By using this technology, a developer can easily develop apps for all major platforms such as iOS, Android and also Windows. It enables mobile app developers to write the code once and run anywhere.

Explore the Benefits of Xamarin for Mobile App Development

Native API Access

This mobile app development framework allows developers to reap the benefits of the competencies of the phone such as sensors, touch inputs, and the operating system by using a wide range of native API levels on all the major platforms. The framework makes it very easy to channelize the competencies of Android Fragments and Beacons.

Eradicate Manual Coding

With the framework’s inbuilt C# Type Inference, it speeds up the development, testing as well as the delivery process. Now, a mobile app developer can skip the manual coding while developing apps. This is one of the biggest benefits that attracts developers.

One Technology Stack to Code for Different Platforms

Xamarin is based on C# as well as native libraries wrapped in the .Net layer and thus, 90-96% code can be used again to develop apps for other platforms. This way developers don’t have to make any switch during the development for several platforms.


The framework supports App Testing on more than 2,000 devices. Mobile app developers have the chance of subscribing to the Test Recorder Tool, allowing them to get the report of all the bugs. This minimizes the time of troubleshooting, which makes the work easy.

Hassle-Free Hardware Support

Xamarin includes a native-level support of device hardware. Any kind of hardware compatibility issues can be avoided by using different plug-ins and APIs. Developers will be able to develop apps that function in a proper way by including general device functionalities across several platforms.

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Furthermore, It enables effective linking with native libraries, allowing every mobile app developer to customize the app in a better way and simply add native-level functionalities to it.

Delightful User Experience

The framework provides better performance as well as accessibility for all the major platforms where users have the chance of exploring features and functionalities. They can even complete the task easily. Thus, it paves the way for a highly engaging and intuitive app and this automatically improves the user experience.

Final Words

Xamarin is the best choice for cross-platform mobile app development and these are some of the benefits of using this framework for developing a mobile app. If you are looking forward to have an app for your business, then there is a need to hire that company as your mobile app development partner that includes an expert team of app developers who have years of experience in developing apps by using Xamarin.