Artificial Intelligence for Personalizing User’s Mobile App Experience

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Intelligence Success

Technology updates are something that every one of us looks forward to. They delight, inspire, impress, excite, motivate, teach, challenge and sometimes leave us awestruck too. It’s the basic human nature to get delighted to everything that makes our lives easier. Isn’t it? “Artificial Intelligence” is one such example that is going to be the next big revolutionary technique.


Either it is the field of science or business, AI has offered futuristic ways to be precise. Watson (the name for AI technology by IBM) serves as the best example for the same. For businesses, AI is a way to predict user behavior. And for mobile app development industry, the technology is helping to develop intelligent apps, a step forward from creating the exceptional virtual environment(that AI basically does).


Let me take you on a journey where the power of Artificial Intelligence will be combined with mobile app development technology. All just to offer you the massive picture of how AI has already started changing our lives for the better.


Here we go!

Merging AI with Mobility

Imagine what it would be like your app is doing things for you! Things like ordering your favorite drink from a nearby store. It is a great relief for all of us especially those who are always late to the work.

merging artificial

Last year in December, Starbucks announced its all new AI Powered mobile app named “MY Starbucks Barista”. An app that places the order for you as soon as you tell what you want.


Moreover, if your cravings for Tacos is sprouting, don’t let it hold you back just because you don’t have time. You can order one from food chains who are using TacoBot (an app in beta mode right now)



Using AI in Fitness App

For many of us, execution of a plan (in terms of achieving fitness goals) starts as early as the thought mushrooms, and for those who are not likely to believe the same, AI fitness apps are all there.

AI in Fitness App

Sensor powered Artificial Intelligence apps work by customizing a fitness plan for a particular user, depending upon the goals to achieve. Using the big data intelligence, such apps will be developed in near future.


Automated App Testing with AI

Although it is going to take a few years more, but automated app testing is going to be a real thing. And, with this revolutionary change, the human dependency in app testing will decline. It will be more precise and perfect.


Not to mention, the app testing ways will get smarter with these changes. The scope of errors will drop down to zero and the speed for testing will increase similarly.


Amazon’s Alexa with Embedded AI

Amazon stole the show at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year, competing against Google’s Home, Samsung’s Viv and Microsoft’s Cortana among a number of others.


Voice recognition technique with these amazing gadgets showcased a glimpse of the future of AI embedded apps and bots that will make our lives much better. A variety of utility functionalities are there that can help change our lives further.


The Final Thought

AI technology is touching our lives in so many ways. Sometimes through a number of smart gadgets, other times through exceptional technological innovation. Well, the market for Artificial Intelligence is ripe and is expected to take the revenue to $5 billion by 2020.