How is ARCore Different From ARkit

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Are you aware of the Google’s mega move towards Augmented Reality Technology? Do you know who the competitors of Apple’s ARkit are? Do you still wonder about the most popping term Augmented Reality?

If you are still trying to figure out, what do these words mean, I invite you on a journey with me to unlock the most celebrated technological term, Augmented Reality.

A Brief on Augmented Reality

‘Augment’ means to make things bigger or larger and ‘Reality’ denotes the state of things or situation as they exist rather than any notional idea of them. Concluding the literal meaning of this popular term sums up to kind of imposed artificial figures, art, graphics, or any changes to emphasize the existing reality of a person or thing.

In other words, when the digital information combines with user’s environment in real time, it can be a display of any kind of information on top of the existing environment. The components used to project augmented reality are the hardware such as optical projection systems, monitors and handheld devices.

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You must have come across top augmented reality apps such as Pokémon Go, Inkhunter, Wallame, Google Translate etc. that have truly revolutionized the top augmented reality company’s revenue. Many of these apps work on top augmented reality software including Vuforia, Easy AR, Wikitude etc. Moreover, there are some top augmented reality companies: Hyperlink Infosystem, Zco Corporation, Imobdev Technologies etc.

From the day we were born, augmented reality has coexisted but nobody told us what it was referred to as. It was as real back in our childhood as it is now, paper notebooks have now advanced into laptops and smartphones but the mind still functions in the same old way i.e. sight, sound and feel, and the law of marketing completely agrees that maximum impact of a piece of news or visual depends on those three factors.

What is Google ARCore?

Google ARCore is a platform for Android apps developers to build top augmented reality apps. To integrate virtual content with the real world by phone’s camera, ARCore has used three principles:

  1. It allows the phone to track and analyze its relative position to the world through motion tracking.
  2. The size and location of the flat horizontal surfaces are detected by phone through environmental understanding.
  3. The lightning condition of the environment is easily estimated by the phone through light estimation.

Top augmented reality companies including Google, Apple and Microsoft too are bringing innovative concepts to augmented reality software feature and functions. Recently, after the launch of Apple ARkit platform for iOS; Google, being one among the top firms wishing to be the next big augmented reality company has also announced similar platform for Android known as ARCore. It is developed as a platform for the developer in which they don’t need any hardware. This platform enables developers to produce an app which can be used to overlay digital objects on the app’s camera view.

Google has already started making a base for top augmented reality apps with the project Tango a few years back to ensure the features companionability of smartphones with Tango AR. However, Google has shifted its focus on the augmented reality software development kit ‘ARCore’ still Tango technology is being used for developments of advanced cameras.

How Does ARCore work?

It works like a machine which creates and detects the atmosphere of the phone and builds its own understanding of the real world.

It enables phone camera to identify the intriguing points with the help of motion tracking technology. While moving through space, the position and orientation of the phone are determined by the ARCore.

ARCore working structure

Apart from identifying key points, the average lighting of the surroundings and surfaces like a table or the floor can also be detected by the ARCore and this is how augmented reality technology creates its own understanding of the world around it.

One can place information, objects, annotations and integrate AR apps with the real world by using ARCore’s understanding of the real world. The features like motion tracking let you move around and visualize objects from a different angle. AR apps also allow you to place any biographical information for the time period of your choice.

Comparison Between Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARkit

ARCore is currently available on Google’s smartphone pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8; however, it can be used with most of the Android phones with Google. Apple, on the other hand, has developed its platform for the iOS enabled devices named as ‘ARkit’. ARkit is designed in such a way where phone’s inbuilt camera processor and motion sensor can be used by developers for multiple purposes.

Whereas, Google enabled developers to bridge the pertaining gap between two platforms i.e. ARkit and ARCore. The giant has offered liberty to developers to create AR experiences that will be run on both the platforms iOS and Android.

The technological geek is also planning to roll-out more than 100 million motion tracking enabled Android devices all around the world. It is quite difficult to differentiate between ARCore and ARkit due to their own significance for the specified target audience.

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Apple ARkit is available for iPhone 6s and later devices whereas Google’s ARCore can work on the android phone with specific features like Android 7.0, Nought, etc. As of now, ARCore is only compatible with Google pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8.

Apple is determined to make ARkit available on all iOS device irrespective of camera ability whereas Google is quite certain that ARCore is different from Tango but it’ll provide its experience and will be made available in millions of devices soon.

Google’s Roadmap Towards Machine Learning and AR

Google has cleared its vision towards machine learning and augmented reality technology. The recent gadget of the company ‘Google Lens’ provide users real-time AR experience. Although, Google photos have already offered such experience in ‘magic windows’

Google’s Android has already led with 80-90% market share but there is still a large number of Android devices are not equipped with ARCore technology. Therefore, Google is focusing to expand the ARCore technology in Android devices.

That is all about the trending concept of augmented reality technology/software, ARkit, and ARCore. It is not justified to say that Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARkit are same but yes these two SDKs have there own significance for specific platforms like Android and iOS.