The Apt Reason Why iPhone 7s Will Grow Bigger than iPhone 7

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iPhone 7s App Development

When it is about iPhone, Apple needs no mention. Being an idol to most of the iPhone app development companies, Apple has launched a series of iPhones. Every time it launches a new model, Apple offers something surprising for the users. Every new and advanced version compels users to wait for the next one. And, it is, of course, worth the wait for the users as they get a chance to use some exceptional app functionalities.

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For those who are quite literally waiting for Appleā€™s new releases will have a first-hand experience of using iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Both these versions will be upgraded a bit more than the previous iPhone 7. There are a number of speculations about the design of new iPhone 7 as well as iPhone 7 Plus. One such speculation suggests some changes in the design.

The Major Updates in iPhone 7

The speculations are high that iPhone 7s will have a glass look, unlike its older version. If we talk about iPhone 7, it features aluminum back. This material change may bring a new look to iPhone 7s. And, it is also predicted that the change will make the iPhone 7s a bit thicker than its previous version. The reason being a strong piece of glass is thicker than the equivalent aluminum component.

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The all black glass design is not very much new to Apple. It has featured a similar design in iPhone 4 as well as 4s too. The iPhone 4s design showcased a combination of glass in the front and the aluminum in the back. It was, of course, an iconic design at such a time when designs were not seen as an influencing factor in iPhone app development domain.

The Apt Reason Why iPhone 7s Will Grow Bigger than iPhone 7 Click To Tweet

The size of the new model will get .1 mm upgrading from the previous 7.1 mm to the upcoming 7.2mm. .1 mm difference is not a major one and for Apple users, it is just minimal. The Apple fan following is already a huge one and this innovative change in the design is sure to add more in terms of users and the profit Apple has with it.

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The Bottom Line

Apple keeps on surprising the users as well as iPhone app development companies with the major changes it brings with the new iPhone versions. And, the speculations for iPhone 7s to grow bigger in approach than the iPhone 7 may prove to be very right. And, thus the new glass design is sure to contribute towards the popularity of the new version.