Apple’s Project Mirrorshades: What We Know So Far

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Project details

Apple knows no boundaries when it comes to groundbreaking research on the latest technology. This time, the giant multinational is secretly working on project “Mirrorshades”. Following its legacy of working secretively on projects, this time the project Mirrorshades is Apple’s initiative to dig deep into Augmented Reality. Speculations highly suggest that Apple may integrate AR technique in its next iPhone. However, there are also rumors of Apple shutting down its process if things didn’t roll in the right direction.

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In its last Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Apple talked about ARKit and the development it has made so far. Apple is keen to install AR Technique in the iPhones too and with the similar reason, the giant is continuing its research in the Augmented Reality domain. Project Mirrorshades is a similar initiative from Apple as Google made with its Google Glass Project.

Google Project

Here is More on what we know so far!

The information that Apple is secretly working on Augmented Reality was leaked out in a Reddit thread by three alleged Foxconn employees. Here is more that was revealed from these employees.

Augmented Reality in Specs

According to these alleged employees, Apple’s AR Glasses have a combination of Kopin NED Acetate frames, polarized or prescription lenses and Zeiss optics. There are tiny projectors on the lens that develop 428*240 image. Additionally, Apple glass has a DC motor that produces sound. The sound is created as a vibrating effect through users’ small ear bones. It has also got a touch-sensitive strip that allows users to take or deny calls.


Augmented Reality in iPhone

The project Mirrorshades is Apple’s efforts towards utilizing the exceptional AR elements in order to make it available to everyday iPhone user. The next iPhone is expected to be launched with a 1125*2436 screen (as reported by verge), which will enable the phone to act as a display for the users. Such a technical innovation is considered more under Virtual Reality than being a part of Augmented Reality.


Release Date

There is no any official confirmation about the release date of Apple powered AR glasses. However, it has been rumored to be launched in 2018. Apple has been working on Augmented Reality for quite some time, however, hasn’t revealed any demonstration. The fact that Apple has been acquiring companies that were the big fishes in the AR domain puts more weight to these rumors. Apple’s acquisition of PrimeSense that works on motion sensing techniques is a foolproof example to the fact that Apple wants the best resources deployed at its Mirrorshades project.


The Conclusion

In Tim Cook’s words, “AR Can be really great”. The man is behind making the most out of this celebrated technique in order to take the users closer to the technical innovations. As Apple is continuing its research on AR, the giant will leave no stone unturned to integrate Augmented Reality in its smartphones. However, there are equal chances that Apple may completely shut down the project if it didn’t succeed in the attempt.

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