Apple Charging $9 Billion Google To Keep It As A Default Browser On iOS

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google paying apple

A new story shows up revealing that Google might be paying approximately $9 billion to Apple to remain the default search engine on iOS. The report was first published by Goldman Sachs analyst Rode Hall, who spotted this big corporate deal between these two tech rivals. Moreover, he also claims that the price of the deal could go up to $12 billion next year. However, neither of the company has taken a step forward to announce their secret business deal officially.

Currently, the Safari web browsers host Google as the default search engine on iOS devices. According to Hall’s report, accessed by Business Insider Google agreed to pay $9 billion to Apple for keeping it as the default web browser on Safari. This means the Cupertino based company is getting $9 billion per year from its top-notch rival. Besides, Hall’s report also estimates that the deal could continue to grow in the coming time.

Although Siri depends on Microsoft Bing for web search, all the default searches done inside Safari on iOS are performed by Google. Google- Apple search deal is nothing new, back in 2014, the court filing revealed the $1 billion deal that took place between the two companies over default web browser in iOS. Hall also mentioned that Apple serves as one of the biggest search traffic channels for Google via its iOS devices.

Earlier, the iOS devices used to come with YouTube and Google Maps as the pre-loaded default apps. However, in 2012, the company ended it and took down both the apps from its pre-installed apps list. Surprisingly, Google asked Apple to remove YouTube as the default app from iOS. For now, it is unclear that how much Google is paying Apple precisely, where Hall’s reports claim it to be close to $9 billion other suggest that it could be higher. Last year, some reports were surfaced revealing that Google negotiated for $3 Billion with Apple over the default web browser deal.