Amazon Reportedly Working on Stand-Alone Messaging App, “Anytime”

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Today, messaging apps are widely preferred by almost everyone be it, consumers or entrepreneurs. With the help of these apps, consumers are able to communicate not only with each other but also with businesses as well as services. Sensing the demand for such apps, many big players are entering the messaging fray. In this regard, the retail giant, Amazon is reportedly working on its new messaging app, Anytime.

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A Brief Insight Into The Messaging App, Anytime

If a report is to be believed, the app would likely be an all-in-one service, allowing app users to chat with text as well as video. They can even send photos and videos with special filters. In addition, users can play games both with individuals and groups. Lastly, they can engage with several other services of Amazon like music, food ordering, and shopping. By using this app, users would be able to call other groups or individuals, contact businesses to order products or make any reservations. The best thing is that the app would work on a wide assortment of desktop and mobile devices.

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As per AFTV News, the company has been running a survey getting feedback on this new app. The survey pages shared by AFTV states that the app would allow people to connect to each other without the need to know the phone numbers.

Messaging App Anytime Makes Sense for Amazon for Several Reasons

There is no denying that messaging apps are at the heart of the mobile experience. Messaging comes under the category of popular mobile phone feature. There is no exaggeration in saying that such app can enhance and facilitates engagement by keeping users on the Amazon platform.

Most of the consumers prefer some form of messaging for customer service. Hence, by rolling out a messaging app service, Amazon can provide an easy business-to-consumer communication tool for brands and users.

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Amazon has already made its entrance into the messaging and communication market in recent months. This is because earlier this year, it has already announced Chime, a video conferencing app. Furthermore, it has also added messaging and voice calling features to Alexa-equipped devices. On the other hand, Facebook will be at higher risk if the chat app, Anytime takes off. However, the brand is facing strong competition from well-established players in the chat app market.

Amazon Stand-Alone Messaging App, “Anytime” Click To Tweet


Messaging apps are on the rise and Amazon wants to bring a revolutionary change in the messaging app market. Due to this, Amazon is working on a full-featured messaging app, which is known as Anytime. The best thing is that the app is compatible with both mobile and desktop.