Active Shooter Mobile App: Soon To Be Released Application by TRADOC

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TRADOC, Army Training and Doctrine Command is looking forward to release an app to let the soldiers and the civilians get the help in times of emergency. This soon to be released app will be made available for a free download for the users. The app has specifically been designed to establish emergency contacts at any active shooting event.

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The active shooter response is being developed by keeping all the prerequisites in the mind. The app makes it easy for the army professionals to reach easily to the civilians in event of accident. The prime aim of TRADOC application is to get all the necessary and vital information that is important to get connected to the civilians at the time of emergency. It is an exceptional app that will prove handy for both the civilians and army professionals as well.

The Availability of the Applications

  • The app will be made available for both the Android and Apple users.
  • The users can easily download the app from Google Play and Apple Store.
  • With just a tap inside the app button, users can easily reach to the concerned authority.
  • The app will have an inbuilt Spanish translator feature into it.

The app is undergoing the test phase as the army professionals are still reviewing its typical features. This app is definitely going to be a boon for emergency times. The guideline for using the app states that the users must remain quiet and turn the phone into silent mode if a shooter is nearby. The booklet also guides to try emergency call and let the receiver listen to whatever is going around if it is unsafe to talk.

Active Shooter Mobile App Application by TRADOC Click To Tweet

Because of the criticality of the situation, it may become hard to believe the information that is coming just from a phone call, and thus the law enforcement agencies are trying to implement the message dispatch feature too. These agencies allow text to 911 services that make texting dispatches easy. The related app is expected to have a similar feature in the app. However, there is no confirmation for this particular feature.

911 mobile app

Since the app is yet to be released but it has already promised a secured scenario for the users in times of emergency. Since the event of mass shootings have grown surprisingly, the introduction of such an application is the best move forward to discourage this kind of activities. In order to bring a pause to these inhuman activities, the US army is continually adding digital innovations in its working procedures.


The Upshot

The very innovative active shooter app has been made to be user-friendly. While the focus is to reach instantly to the people in need, the app has got all the potential to become the next big offering from the army to the US citizens. This move is truly a welcoming one and thus the initiative is sure to gain a massive exposure from the users for the features and functionality it offers.